Anybody else think ThinkPenguin's sound card looks like an Asus Xonar DGX?

That's the *one * scene that really reminds me of what Nimoy said about how he played the part - as a man who is always struggling to keep his emotions in check.

I knew Ted Danson wore a hairpiece on Cheers, but I never knew that his character actually revealed it to anyone one the show.

I never noticed it until now, but Peri Gilpin, who played Roz Doyle on Frasier, was in an episode of Cheers.

Spoiler Alert - Flash TV Show Theory 

I just realized something - In the 2014 Flash TV show, after Eddie Thawne commits suicide so his descendent Eobard won’t exist, shouldn’t S.T.A.R. Labs disappear and shouldn’t Barry’s speed disappear, thus ending the show?

To paraphrase Ben Franklin: In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and hard drive failure.

@fsf Is it just me, or did and just get faster page load times today?

I’ll get the ball rolling. I’ve only been an audiophile for a few years. Before I knew any better, I thought Bose was a great brand. I’m glad I held off on buying a pair of their AE2s. A little later, I discovered that Sennheiser makes better products at better prices than Bose, so I got a pair of HD 428s. The earpads on them are wearing out, so I recently bought a pair of HD 569s from Best Buy’s site.

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Poll: Favorite headphone brand & reason for preference

"Lyta had a little Vorlon.
Her skin was pale as snow.
And everywhere that Lyta went,
Her Vorlon was sure to go"

And when I said OpenELEC, I should have said LibreElec, since I’m running it on my Odroid C2.

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I forgot about FLAC! Where would we be without that great codec? Just as good as a CD, but takes up half the HDD space! And waaaaay better than anything iTunes will ever have!

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I thought it would be impolitic to mention Wine and Lutris since they’re for running proprietary Windows software, but I guess nobody minds that today, which is a nice change.

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Poll: If Netflix ditched DRM on its own productions, how likely do you think studios would be to ditch DRM on *their* productions?

If Data from Star Trek: TNG was stuck in 2018, which GNU/Linux distro do you think he would choose and why?

Thanks for Debian, XFCE, Firefox, Thunderbird, Mastodon, ejabberd, VLC, Handbrake, FFMPEG, LibreOffice, Kodi, OpenElec, LibreOffice, GIMP, Banshee, Synaptic, Gnome Builder, Gnome Disks, Polychromatic, OpenRazer, Pingus, Wireshark, Eclipse, LineageOS, and FreeNode. It's probably a little impolitic to mention them, but I also appreciate Wine and Lutris.

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