And when I said OpenELEC, I should have said LibreElec, since I’m running it on my Odroid C2.

I forgot about FLAC! Where would we be without that great codec? Just as good as a CD, but takes up half the HDD space! And waaaaay better than anything iTunes will ever have!

I thought it would be impolitic to mention Wine and Lutris since they’re for running proprietary Windows software, but I guess nobody minds that today, which is a nice change.

Poll: If Netflix ditched DRM on its own productions, how likely do you think studios would be to ditch DRM on *their* productions?

If Data from Star Trek: TNG was stuck in 2018, which GNU/Linux distro do you think he would choose and why?

Thanks for Debian, XFCE, Firefox, Thunderbird, Mastodon, ejabberd, VLC, Handbrake, FFMPEG, LibreOffice, Kodi, OpenElec, LibreOffice, GIMP, Banshee, Synaptic, Gnome Builder, Gnome Disks, Polychromatic, OpenRazer, Pingus, Wireshark, Eclipse, LineageOS, and FreeNode. It's probably a little impolitic to mention them, but I also appreciate Wine and Lutris.

Did ever drop the DRM on its original shows?

@BryanLunduke If you were to make a list of things Stallman was right about, what would it look like?

And yeah, I realize DVDs and and Blu-Rays have DRM. But it's impossible to buy TV shows and hollywood movies without DRM. Fortunately, we can remove DRM with tools like Handbrake and MakeMKV.

How do you like to purchase your movies and TV shows?

A) DVD - Often cheaper and take up less HDD space
B) Blu-Ray - Extra clarity is worth $$ & HDD space
C) Buy indie movies from sites like GOG or others
D) Nah, I'll read a book instead. I'm not really a video person, aside from how-to's

If Data was stuck in 2018, which GNU/Linux distro do you think he would choose and why?

@fsf System76 is continuing to work to liberate their computers. They talk about that in the second half of this blog post:

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