#LibrePlanet2019 will be March 23-24 in the Greater Boston Area in MA:


This is the one event that I must make it to each year, and I encourage everyone to attend and see the faces of many that are at the heart of the free software community.

Consider submitting a session! Or, if you can't make it but plan on watching online, maybe help someone else attend by contributing to the travel fund. The call for sessions ends October 26th.

I'll be attending again this year, and I plan on submitting a session proposal. I won't have the time to do my 100+hr research talks like the past couple years, so maybe I'll fall back on something more technical that I won't have to research.

It's still a ways off, but if you do plan on attending, do let me know so I can say hello!

Isn't it always in the Greater Boston Area?

@asic It has been at least in recent years (I haven't checked all past years), but I mention it anyway because, if I'm trying to get new people to attend, I don't expect that they'd know that.

Good point. I guess I just kinda figured most folks who are interested would look it up.

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