Poll: Favorite headphone brand & reason for preference


I’ll get the ball rolling. I’ve only been an audiophile for a few years. Before I knew any better, I thought Bose was a great brand. I’m glad I held off on buying a pair of their AE2s. A little later, I discovered that Sennheiser makes better products at better prices than Bose, so I got a pair of HD 428s. The earpads on them are wearing out, so I recently bought a pair of HD 569s from Best Buy’s site.

@ASIC I'm not in to all that retro stuff, I prefer music projected straight into my ears with holofield projection as mature intended.

@quark Yeah, I used Bluetooth for a couple years, but I got tired of the connection issues and charging. Bluetooth might be a good solution for some, but it’s more of a pain for me. I just want to plug in a set and know it’s going to work every time.

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