@ASIC is that a trick question? Andorians have their pros and cons.

@quark Actually, I was referring to a TV show of that name.

@quark On CBS. Stars Tom Selleck. Started in 2010.

@quark Or did you know that and just don’t like the show?

@ASIC I have vague memories of it being a show yes but I was making an attempt at star-trek-related joke, as I usually do. I have no opinion on the show itself. I'm sure it's great.

@quark Oh, okay. Now that I know that, I gotta say, that was a nice comeback about the Andorians. I guess it would work equally well with Ferengi since they're all about business. I haven't watched much of Enterprise, but it's fun watching Quark explain to Archer's first officer that "peace can be obtained at a bargain price" and that Starfleet needs to heed the 3rd rule of acquisition. youtube.com/watch?v=hdQcGzbpN7

@quark I actually had to check Wikipedia about Andorians having blue blood because I didn't remember hearing about that before. I guess it must have been mentioned in one of the Trek series' that I haven't watched like DS9 or Enterprise.

@ASIC oh I was just going from memory from Enterprise, they do right?

@quark Yeah, though I had to check Wikipedia to verify since I haven’t watched much of Enterprise.

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