@Impending_Fascination And some people still wonder why I buy DVDs and Blu-Rays.

@fsf@status.fsf.org Very nice! Huge improvement! Looks much friendlier!

Anybody else think ThinkPenguin's sound card looks like an Asus Xonar DGX?

@woomy It's got nothing to do with Peanuts. It's about computer software.

@tom79@mastodon.social Either free or maybe $1 for slightly outdated release, $2-10 for up-to-date release.

@guinan Kinda similar to the Goa'uld in Stargate SG-1. And the aliens in the SG-1 Episode "Foothold".

@pike Pollution from plants, never would have expected that.

@lynnesbian I've been thinking about getting a Samsung phone and installing LineageOS, but I live in the US and it seems like the US version of Samsung phones always have Snapdragon SoCs with locked bootloaders. How did you unlock the bootloader? Or do you live outside the US and are able to buy phones with Exynos CPUs without excessive shipping costs?

@toilet Not to mention callous misuses of the term like "The Soup Nazi" which completely skip over the true meaning and instead redefine a Nazi as an overly strict person.

@toilet My definition is only useless because far-lefties like yourself are using a different one.

@toilet How does insisting on correct and consistent definitions benefit "bad-faith actors such as national socialists and other racists"?

conservatism intrinsically sucks 

I think there are some conservatives refuse to consider new ideas, while for others it's more of a preference to take it slow and steady. Admittedly, there are many conservatives who believe global warming is a hoax.

Most conservatives aren't white supremacists. It might be true that most white supremacists are conservatives, but the reverse is not true. It's kind of like how most terrorists are Muslims, but most Muslims aren't terrorists.

1) I use the 1930's definition of the word Nazi

2) I haven't really spent any time on those instances to be able to see for myself if they're really white supremacists, and I'd rather judge that for myself, especially because I think we might have different ideas of what white supremacy is. For example, you might think someone who doesn't want open borders is a white supremacist.

3) I haven't really seen any toots from antisemites or anybody I'd call a white supremacist

@woomy @starwall You're thinking of Linus (not Torvalds), not Linux.

@woomy @starwall GNU/Linux is a family of open-source operating systems. It includes Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Red Hat, Parabola, Trisquel, and about a hundred others.

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