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Did ever drop the DRM on its original shows?

@BryanLunduke If you were to make a list of things Stallman was right about, what would it look like?

And yeah, I realize DVDs and and Blu-Rays have DRM. But it's impossible to buy TV shows and hollywood movies without DRM. Fortunately, we can remove DRM with tools like Handbrake and MakeMKV.

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How do you like to purchase your movies and TV shows?

A) DVD - Often cheaper and take up less HDD space
B) Blu-Ray - Extra clarity is worth $$ & HDD space
C) Buy indie movies from sites like GOG or others
D) Nah, I'll read a book instead. I'm not really a video person, aside from how-to's

If Data was stuck in 2018, which GNU/Linux distro do you think he would choose and why?

@fsf System76 is continuing to work to liberate their computers. They talk about that in the second half of this blog post:

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