@packetcat Didn't they also send john and the others, whilst still children to fight the rebels?

I can hear jackboots getting closer and I don't know why.

Plus if you need super soldiers to win against a bunch of rebels who like as not are badly armed and supplied, it doesn't speak well for your military forces.

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@BrokenBiscuit @packetcat yeah, in the "movie" adaptation the Spartans kill like exactly one space WRPG dungeon's worth of human beings and then the Covenant show up and ONI's like "hey we've got these cool guys we made for... reasons... who can fight good!"

@BrokenBiscuit @packetcat It can't even blame 9/11 for its fascism because it came out only one month later

@BrokenBiscuit @packetcat i type this as one generic Spartan, one Master Chief, one UNSC Marine, and one Arbiter sit on my desk

it's the same problem being a fan of Gundam, because if you're a fan long enough and are paying attention you have to go "well, you see, the Gundam is a symbol of imperial police state power and oppression and psychologically devastates anyone who tries to rely on its power" while a bookshelf covered in Gundam models is behind you

@Aster or being a fan of warhammer 40k All sorts of shit going on with that one.

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