Elon Musk: AI is highly likely to destroy humans

Elon Musks's girlfriend: AI will reward us when it reigns

@quark oh and to fill in the role of the holosuite you could also host minetest, doom, OpenTTD, and Xonotic servers

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@quark in fact, you could make it a whole hub of services including mastodon, pleroma, disaspora, Matrix, and whatever else, plus cryptocurrency gambling

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@quark you should start your own Mastodon/Pleroma instance and call it the Promenade.

when ur sister kicks u in the toe and it splits into two 

"ow! watch out! thats mitosis"

Dax drunkenly signs up to join the Romulan army and goes to train with them. A clone of Chief O'Brian, who shares all his memories, dies.

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i really like this game because it's the closest thing in the open source world to , and as a matter of fact I've heard the devs have been working on adding aerodynamics and a cool in-HUD orbital display to Pioneer, features which said game has been lacking which Orbiter already has. So I hope that eventually Pioneer is as cool as Orbiter is now, except it also has a galaxy of star systems to hyperspace to, pirates and policemen, and trading stuff.

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i've been playing , a really cool open source space game based on Frontier: Elite II featuring realistic physics and distances (as opposed to most space games being 2d or basically a space themed submarine simulator), an awesome functional hud that makes me never want to touch the autopilot again, and murderous police that will kill you if you accidentally fire a little lazer. pioneerspacesim.net/

If you love #FreeSoftware, go to a #FLOSS event you have never been before and connect with new people who feel likewise, form resilient communities and build friendships across borders:

Spread the love to use, study, share and improve together!

#ilovefs #FOSS #OpenSource #SoftwareLibre #FreeSociety

please put a content warning on any and all logical fallacies thank you

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