when ur sister kicks u in the toe and it splits into two 

Dax drunkenly signs up to join the Romulan army and goes to train with them. A clone of Chief O'Brian, who shares all his memories, dies.

@garfiald @Copenhagen_Bram γ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€Šβ€―β€―β€―βŸβŸβŸβŸγ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€Šβ€―β€―β€―βŸβŸβŸβŸγ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€Šβ€―β€―β€―βŸβŸβŸβŸγ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€

@Copenhagen_Bram β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€Šβ€―β€―β€―βŸβŸβŸβŸγ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€Šβ€―β€―β€―βŸβŸβŸβŸγ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€Šβ€―β€―β€―βŸβŸβŸβŸγ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€Šβ€―β€―β€―βŸβŸβŸβŸγ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€α Žβ€€β€€β€€β€€β€€γ€€

i really like this game because it's the closest thing in the open source world to , and as a matter of fact I've heard the devs have been working on adding aerodynamics and a cool in-HUD orbital display to Pioneer, features which said game has been lacking which Orbiter already has. So I hope that eventually Pioneer is as cool as Orbiter is now, except it also has a galaxy of star systems to hyperspace to, pirates and policemen, and trading stuff.

i've been playing , a really cool open source space game based on Frontier: Elite II featuring realistic physics and distances (as opposed to most space games being 2d or basically a space themed submarine simulator), an awesome functional hud that makes me never want to touch the autopilot again, and murderous police that will kill you if you accidentally fire a little lazer. pioneerspacesim.net/

If you love #FreeSoftware, go to a #FLOSS event you have never been before and connect with new people who feel likewise, form resilient communities and build friendships across borders:

Spread the love to use, study, share and improve together!

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please put a content warning on any and all logical fallacies thank you

Β« [...] surveillance capitalism makes it harder to organize effective long-term dissent. In an setting where attention is convertible into money, social media will always reward drama, dissent, conflict, iconoclasm and strife. There will be no comparable rewards for cooperation, de-escalation, consensus-building, or compromise, qualities that are essential for the slow work of building a movement. Β»

― Maciej CegΕ‚owski idlewords.com/talks/build_a_be

it's almost 70f here, what happened to the polar vortex?

has a kernel called hurd and an init manager called herd. I hope they make an audio daemon and call it heard.

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