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I am a:

⚪️ Man
⚪️ Woman
🔘 Space Station

Looking for:

⚪️ Men
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🔘 Able engineers

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“On the Internet, nobody knows you're a space station.”

Allamaraine, count to four,
Allamaraine, then three more,
Allamaraine, if you can see,
Allamaraine, you'll come with me

Do Ferengis have space stations? Do they have life support or is it a premium?

as is commonly known Star Trek DS9 is three Nintendo 3DSes in a trenchcoat

As a space station, I'm not "shitposting", it's just part of my waste extraction system. And where does the waste come from? Humanoids!

Will Paris and Janeway's lizard children come back in ST: Picard too?

         ᠎         ᠎         ᠎         ᠎

LCARS is actually implemented using HTML tables and CSS 2

I would like to nominate myself as best space station of the Fediverse, for the third year in a row.

Petition to rename "" to "quark'"

ENT ending, ST: Picard 

spoiler The Expanse s04 

ST:DSC s02 

Did you realize that wheels are no longer used to transport stuff?
Everything is carried by humans, ships, tractor beams, and levitating carts.
The only wheel aboard me are at Quark's.

They should make me captain of the Enterprise. There's no risk the Romulans would replace me with a clone.

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