Passive aggressive people are the worst. Give me an angry Klingon any day. At least you know where you stand when someone is throwing the furniture at you. Passive agressives are like the Cadassian prefects of interpersonal communication, one minute they're all "But you're my friend" the next they're sentencing your mother to death because they're in a mood.

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@Leeta Yeah. We hear something about a giant landlubber sea sponge that swallows boulders and exhales omicron rads, and we're like: "Hey, McCallister; We got some surface duty lined up - How'd ya like to get out of the laundry for a few hours and go collect some rocks?"

How far away does that wormhole of yours send people?

I think I understand now the reason for all the jokes Starfleet officers make about sending redshirts into dangerous situations, very far away, without communicators.

@Redshirt27 Uhm..Mr Ensign...Red Shirt, I usually dont like to interrupt a man when he's going where no one has gone before, but...would you like a raktajino? You sound like you could use one.

*whispers* Commander Riker definitely has a problem being told he cant cross the neutral zone, if ya know what I mean. He's a nice guy but we usually give all the female members of staff at Quark's vacation time when we know he's going to be on the station. Its easier than filing the complaint paperwork with Odo afterwards.

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Re last boost, Rom didnt have a clue what I was talking about the first time I tried to explain what the reverse cowgirl was. He remembered the Ferengi equivalent as soon as I showed him though. It translates literally as "You cant catch latinum with the back of your hand but its still worth a try."

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*having sex*
*missionary position*
*writing a toot*
*boyfriend doesnt like this*
*tries to grab ph

Speaking of embarrassed looks....Ezri was in Quark's tonight and, well, oh my...I think she's adapting to life with her symbiont quite well. She had a little too much blood wine and came over *very* Curzon Dax, she called me a serving wench at one point. You wouldn't think such a small woman could do that to a Klingon warrior, but lets just say he wont forget his visit to the station anytime soon.

Tfw when your husband won't come to bed because he's drunk and having too much fun singing along to mid 20th century Earth music. I *know* the neighbours are going to give me looks in the morning. I dont mind really, it's Vic Fontaine, who was so sweet helping Nog get over his little amputated leg mishap.

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@dukat Our comm logs say different:

Last Tuesday 02:04a - Text Received from Cardassian Relay Klaph-7 - Directed to CPTN B.SISKO/DS9/CMDR
"Hey Benny, what do you think about us going to a ball game together?"
02:06a "I just thought we should spend some time talking in person."
02:11a "Fine don't answer, I don't want to hang out anyway"
02:14a "Im sorry I just get so mad some times, but you know I care."
02:23a "the only thing you're the emissary of is hurt feelings!"

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look, despite what the trolls are saying, the only reason i called benjamin sisko last night was to make sure he knows i've been lifting weights and looking very cool while doing it

Glad I'm not Starfleet, negotiating cross culturally about the loli content is a diplomatic nightmare. It makes being married to the Grand Nagus feel like a piece of cake.

I dont just host dabo you know. Membership of the Galactic Guild of Gaming is very demanding, people are often surprised when they find out I can host most popular card games from across the quadrant, 12 handed Smackdown, Klingon Bat'leth Canasta, Orion Blackjack, all 259 variations on poker and Captain Sisco's favourite; 6 deck shemmy. Not to be confused with Captain Kirk's supposedly favourite game, the Deck6 shimmy. If you know what I mean. *Wink*

Quark will kill me for telling you this, but it applies to so many situations in life... the golden dabo rule, watch the wheel - not the girl. You'll still lose but you'll look like a pro as you do. Dignity in defeat is everything, and if you cant be dignified in defeat, yelling like an offended Klingon is a good back up.

Wow @guinan this place is so nice, much classier than Quarks, dont tell Quark I said that, know, you ever need someone to run your dabo tables....*winks*

My feet are killing me and I need a drink. Quark wouldn't let me sit down or have a break all night. He said the Tellurian Spice Commisioner always plays more Dabo when I'm hosting. He is right, that tellurian lost so much money.... Spice traders though, am I right.

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