Please assign a species of bird to each of these. No it's not a tarot thing.

The Lover
The Twins
The Protector
The Lonely Journal Keeper
The Peacemaker
The Wordless One

Only stipulations:
They must all be flighted birds
The Peacemaker is a species of owl

@emsenn yep! But I'm interested to see what anyone comes up with, regardless of how much context they have

@Literalham lover - dove

Twins - egret

Protector - woodpecker

Journal keeper - Raven

Peacemaker - snowy owl

Wordless - flamingo

Off the top of my head, without much context

Lover: Prairie chicken
Twins: sparrow or starling, small and similar looking that flock together
Protector: Canada Goose
Lonely Journal Keeper: Blue Heron
Peacemaker: Snowy Owl
Wordless One: Pelican

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