New podcast! Trailer! Animorphs!. Video transcript in reply 

We made an Animorphs Podcast! It's called The Morph Report! Subscribe here: or on any podcatcher. Ep. 1 "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" drops Wed.

New podcast! Trailer! Animorphs! Video transcript pt 1 

Song: Comic Book Girl by Noelle Micarelli, played on mountain dulcimer, bass and piano
Cassandra: You think about the 1990 you think about butterfly clips, grunge, aliens invading Earth and almost taking over our society as we know it.
VO: the morph Report podcast is a weekly discussion of the historical and cultural significance of the Animorphs books set 100 years in the future
Erso: We love turning into animals!

New podcast! Trailer! Animorphs! Video transcript pt 2 

Cassandra: We love to describe in excruciating body horror detail what it's like to turn into animals
Brad: Is morphing Rachel's escape from the strictures of compulsory femininity?
Cassandra: The Animorphs once a animal style burgers at this In n Out!
VO: Listen to new episodes of the Morph Report every week on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Stay safe.

Podcast accessibility info: all episodes of the Morph Report will have transcripts!

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