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Picture of a common water snake (photo not mine) 

Saw two (2!) of these chunky babbies at the pond today. They are so big and chill I saw the first one with my glasses off (I am very near-sighted) then when I went to get my glasses (and my partner, who has done outdoor ed) and came back there was another one, just chillin at the waters edge

Leaked screenshot of Travis McElroy DMing the TAZ Graduation finale over Zoom

In case you want an explanation and don't mind a minor spoiler for the TAZ Graduation finale 

The finale is full of big turbo-charged chaos magic, including a custom wild-magic table Travis made himself. For one round of play the player characters transform into the brothers and Clint (eg the firbolg is suddenly in Justin's body). In another round of play everybody is turned into cats.

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Leaked screenshot of Travis McElroy DMing the TAZ Graduation finale over Zoom

Gideon the Ninth is literally just Zero Escape but with lesbian necromancers and skeletons

Locked Tomb trilogy 

Jeannmary: *mentions that Isaac got the mumps last year*
Me: Seriously? In 10,000 years we still haven't eradicated THE MUMPS? Damn anti-vax necromancers....

NHS privatisation / important information regarding your medical records 

As part of the government's creeping privatisation of the NHS they're looking to sell patient data. There is an opt-out but it's not a simple tickbox on a website. You have until 23 June 2021 to opt-out.
More information from Byline:

oh hey, Demi Lovato is a straight up they/them nonbinary person. love that for them

Six of Crows ref to racist fetishizing 

So I just devoured Six of Crows in two days. Polygon told me to start there if I watched the Netflix show and I was not disappointed. Will probably read Shadow and Bone next (apparently the 2nd book in the crows duology has big spoilers for the main trilogy)
I can now confirm that yes, racism exists in the world of Shadow and Bone/Six of Crows. For example, a huge part of Inej's backstory is that the Menagerie's whole gimmick is catering to racist fetishism

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chronic illness/survey/:boost_requested: 

The Chronic Illness Survey Adventure (Symptom Cluster Characterization in Complex Chronic Disease) is a survey-based study to probe more deeply into ME/CFS, long COVID, POTS, hEDS, and MCAS.

They want your help to gather the richest dataset on complex chronic disease ever created.


hey everyone, May 11th is Pirate the Spy Kids movies day. go to pirate bay and pirate the spy kids movies and watch them if you want

many of today's youth have lost the honored craft of pirating television and software. Please, reach out to your loved ones and show them how to use qbittorrent. Let's revive our love of complete disregard for the flow of our economy into the cogs of our capitalist hellscape

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Forgot to post ages ago! Beautiful chain mail cast iron scrubber I got from @WanderingBeekeeper . Feels really good in my hands and is way easier to keep clean than steel wool. Its also pretty!

Sometimes I talk about extremely specific HIM-related content and people come out of the woodwork with Opinions, so: 

who wants to rag on Reveleer with me? Because holy shit they suck and also their software sucks so much. Every day I grow closer to becoming that guy who got a job with a software co., fixed a bug that drove him crazy as a user, then immediately gave his 2 weeks

Shadow and Bone +, s1/book 1 spoilers 

One more: we see the creation of the Fold and it is extremely a trope for magical girls to lose control of their emotions and cause a catastrophic magical event, but this trope is fulfulled by a male character here and I kinda like that

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