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For everyone who grew up with LeVar Burton's dulcet voice on "Reading Rainbow," like me and @scoots , he started a podcast recently called "LeVar Burton Reads."

He picks short fiction he enjoys and reads it, with authors like Octavia Butler and Ray Bradbury.

📖 🌈 It's basically Reading Rainbow for adults! 🌈 📖

Watching it again. May watch it every day for as long as I can get away with it. Interspersed with First Contact 😆

The Family Stone, which is one of my favourite films, I watch it over and over and over lol. I also do the same with Groundhog Day 😂

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Has anybody written an alternative, ending to Oblivion? I woke up in the night upset at their fate.

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the final episode of , and having a little cry, because it's sad, (it's a sad episode, and I was sad it finished after only 4 seasons) and I'm emotional.

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Dire Straits, for calming purposes, and nostalgia value (I'm just old. 🤣 )

We had no internet for most of the evening, so we watched on dvd.
One of my kids described it as "Tesco Value " 😆
Happy Friday btw.

season 2 of "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" again. it was so brilliant. They always cancel my favourite shows 😣

Observer Effect
(Cheeky non-corporeal aliens observe how the crew will respond to a fatal illness)
Quote: "Math is just another language" - Hoshi, as she breaks out of quarantine.

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