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Please state the nature of your... what happened to me? I might need my holomatrix checked, the clock says over a year has passed!

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Not having to deal with food is nice, but I sometimes wish I knew what Raktajino tastes like.

I must say I appreciate putting food and drinks behind these "CWs". And I'm even more happy not having to deal with all this... Eating and digestion.

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 ᠎             ᠎                      ᠎          ᠎        ᠎             ᠎             ᠎                      ᠎      ᠎             ᠎             ᠎                      ᠎         

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It feels intentional that the orange skinned human is stealing all of my attention. It's like he wants to hurt me! How rude.

So... busy!
All the more important to keep tabs on that ferengi.

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Kira's been acting strange around me lately. I wonder why? I think it's been since right around Lenara Kahn's visit to the station.

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Hm! So many new faces around here one might think they came from the other side of the worm hole.

Solids. They can build architecture, look at architecture, admire architecture.
But they can't really experience architecture!

((artfully turns into a decorative element of architecture))

((Picks up a piece of paper))

This place is getting dirtier by the minute.

((pretends to nibble on a jumja stick))

Beverages. Tah. If humanoids could *become* liquids they didn't need to *drink* liquids.

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