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Odo @Odo@tenforward.social

((hums a tune absentmindedly))

Solids. They can build architecture, look at architecture, admire architecture.
But they can't really experience architecture!

((artfully turns into a decorative element of architecture))

((Picks up a piece of paper))

This place is getting dirtier by the minute.

((pretends to nibble on a jumja stick))

Beverages. Tah. If humanoids could *become* liquids they didn't need to *drink* liquids.

((mimics drinking a Raktajino))

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@Odo Well I'm glad SOMEONE'S happy! Business is awful! Where is everyone? Maybe I should install a Disco (get it? get it?) ball in the Promenade? Have some dance parties? Would that go against any stuffy regulations @Odo ?

Quiet. I like that!
*strolls around the Promenade*

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Julian: Miles don't tell me you've dislocated your shoulder again...?
Me: Just fix it.
Julian: What was it this time? I've told you to take it easy on the kayaking.
Me: Wasn't that.
Julian: Hoverball?
Me: Nope.
Julian: Hurt yourself working? I can take you off duty to recover# for a few days.
Me: No! I mean, I'm just so busy, I don't want to spend all that time just sitting around.
Julian: Miles, we've talked about this - if Keiko is hurting you, you can tell me.
Me: I moved a plant.

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In the 24th century, the Internet of Things is called the Subspace of Space Stations.

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I scored some Ketracel-white that got smuggled back on the Voyager, and I've spent the past 9 hours listening to dubstep and cutting all my uniforms into strips and weaving them into a parka. I give myself another 15 minutes before I start licking all the fingerprints off the displays in an attempt to contact their creators' brains.

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I don't mean to brag, but I'm clearly the most popular space station on Mastodon.

((patrols the promenade ring, musing about "frenemies"))

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@archer I remember this one time I was in, like, a million places at once. There was this one where I lived in some Borg hellscape and my beard looked absolutely awful. But I didn't want to stick around and try to fix that guy's problems.

Computer, what does the word "frenemies" mean? @DS9