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While my alter ego is a super-powerful molecule, I am a few other things IRL

- I'm a Trekkie, obviously (friends got me into VOY, then DS9, and it just went on from there)
- Favorite show remains DS9, though I enjoy certain aspects of each one
- Technologist and writer by trade, and Star Trek is an inspiration for both
- Seeking to connect with like-minded Trek fans who continue to find great meaning in its message

Verrrrry intriguing Star Trek: Discovery news 

Captain Janeway on covid-19 

Links between Picard, Discovery, and DS9 

More Star Trek: Picard S1E5 thoughts 

Star Trek: Picard S1E5 

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Star Trek: Picard S1E5 

Potential Star Trek: Picard spoiler (probably not a big one) 

TNG re-watch 

Star Trek: Picard S1E2 

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Star Trek: Picard S1E2 

Star Trek: Picard S1E1 

Picard S1E1 reactions (spoilers inside) 

Star Trek: Picard - link to a thoughtful review 

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 speculation 

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So I know the Picard series premiere is tomorrow, but CBS All Access doesn't specify a time. Does that mean we might have be able to watch it after midnight?

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 speculation 

i mean it, makers of the Picard show.

Just give me married Garak and Bashir.

I don't care what you do with any of the other characters.

You can strand them in the delta quadrant. You can make Picard a borg again. I don't give a fuck.

Just bring out Garak and Bashir and have them explain how they've been happily married since the end of the Dominion war.

Please and thank you 🙏

Enjoying a little light Sunday night reading. Apparently, these Picard comics are supposed to bridge the gap between Nemesis and what happens in the new Picard series. The first one was pretty good, I have to say.

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