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While my alter ego is a super-powerful molecule, I am a few other things IRL

- I'm a Trekkie, obviously (friends got me into VOY, then DS9, and it just went on from there)
- Favorite show remains DS9, though I enjoy certain aspects of each one
- Technologist and writer by trade, and Star Trek is an inspiration for both
- Seeking to connect with like-minded Trek fans who continue to find great meaning in its message

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Finding Anson Mount’s new podcast, The Well, really intriguing. Don’t think I’ve ever had the opportunity to listen to a podcast from an actor whose show I was watching. You learn so much about how they approach their craft. Part two of his interview with Ethan Peck just came out. The first part was terrific—highly recommend checking it out.

Captain Marvel spoilers and link to a recent Disco episode Show more

TNG “Unification” and recent Disco episodes Show more

TNG “Unification” and recent Disco episodes Show more

Thoughts on ST Discovery: S2E08 "If Memory Serves" Show more

Spending this quiet Sunday evening watching the The Cage,” then the new Discovery episode “If Memory Serves,” and then “The Menagerie.” Figured that watching them in sequence would be a treat. Enjoying the re-watch so far.

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Small observation from Discovery S02E08 (“If Memory Serves”) Show more

Could there be a relationship between the Golden Mean and the hero's journey in storytelling? This is pretty wild:

Discovery S02E07 (“Light and Shadows”) Show more

Discovery S02E07 (“Light and Shadows”) Show more

Random musing about androids in Star Trek Show more

Saw The Wandering Earth tonight. It’s a Chinese sci-fi blockbuster based on a novella by Liu Cixin. It was really good! Definitely recommend checking it out.

Discovery S02E06 ("The Sound of Thunder") Show more

Discovery S02E06 ("The Sound of Thunder") Show more

Decided to work late on a special project tonight and put Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan on in the background. Mostly focused on the work as the movie played, but I did pause to raise my fist for "KHAAAAANNNN!"

Watching Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Those long, drawn out sequences in which we see the Enterprise pulling into and leaving space dock, accompanied by surging orchestral interludes, still get me every time. As Detmer says in Discovery, “Damn, she’s a beauty.”

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