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While my alter ego is a super-powerful molecule, I am a few other things IRL

- I'm a Trekkie, obviously (friends got me into VOY, then DS9, and it just went on from there)
- Favorite show remains DS9, though I enjoy certain aspects of each one
- Technologist and writer by trade, and Star Trek is an inspiration for both
- Seeking to connect with like-minded Trek fans who continue to find great meaning in its message

Star Trek: Picard speculation, being a gift horse 

Klingon women’s fashion 

TNG and Disco link 

🖖 "‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Details"
[...] "They are jumping 930 years and not planning to come back."
[...] "They’re Still Coordinating With 'Star Trek: Picard'"

Star Trek: Picard speculation 

Ok everyone, my people, my tribe...we're going to talk about this Great Day. Not right now, but soon. I'm sure you've watched The Trailer. whew.

I also just watch this interview with Stewart and some of the cast of . If you don't want spoilers don't watch it, but there is a lot more information there on who's in it, what kind of stories will be in it.

We'll talk soon.

Spoilers for Star Trek: Picard, Disco, Lower Decks, Short Treks 

Just watched the new Star Trek: Picard trailer on CBS All Access!! Don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but it is VERY exciting.

When you’re a nerd in the art museum 

When you’re a nerd in the art museum 

Happened to have TNG “Yesterday’s Enterprise” on in the background as I was doing some journal writing tonight and that storyline with the Federation losing the war with the Klingons in a matter of months sounds a bit similar to what’s going on at the end of Season 1 of Discovery. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen this episode—it’s still a favorite.

This is admittedly kind of silly, but I’m excited that Star Trek: Picard shows up as its own show in CBS All Access now. There’s just the trailer and that clip of Patrick Stewart announcing his return to the role, but it sure is good to see another sign, however small, that Picard is coming back.

Discovery Season 2 spoilers 

Watched the PBS Breakthroughs episode on the history of the rocket tonight. It was narrated by none other than Patrick Stewart and truly fascinating. At the end they talk about moving away from chemical rockets to plasma and how it’ll open up travel within the solar system. Beginning to sound a little more like Star Trek now. 🚀

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