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While my alter ego is a super-powerful molecule, I am a few other things IRL

- I'm a Trekkie, obviously (friends got me into VOY, then DS9, and it just went on from there)
- Favorite show remains DS9, though I enjoy certain aspects of each one
- Technologist and writer by trade, and Star Trek is an inspiration for both
- Seeking to connect with like-minded Trek fans who continue to find great meaning in its message

Watching interviews with the Discovery cast from last night's red carpet on the CBS All Access FB page. Apparently they're going to have a post-Discovery show on FB each week in place of After Trek, which was canceled.

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Finally, Those Star Trek: Short Treks Are Available Outside the U.S. and Canada

Huh, I just checked that on Netflix last night and they weren't there! Guess my sixth sense kicked in a little early.

#StarTrek #Discovery

Excited for the Season 2 premiere of Discovery tonight. Captain Pike! Spock! Number One! (And can I just say how cool it is that we have an incoming captain who is a Trek fan himself?) Might just queue up the final episode of Season 1 to refresh everything in my mind before showtime. 📺🍿🤓🖖

Just picked this up. Drastic Measures was such a fun read that I’m hoping to make this a regular thing. After “The Brightest Star,” this should be great prep for Season 2 of Discovery.

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Logged into Facebook Messenger for the first time since the holiday break to find that one of my relatives sent me this video of Picard issuing "Make it so!" commands to the tune of "Let it snow." Very cute.

Getting started on a little vacation reading. Picked this up from the library. 🤓🖖📘

@deepspacenoob Hey, heard your announcement about your hiatus. Good luck with everything you’re working on! I’ll still be subscribed and ready to listen when the time is right for you to come back. Thanks to you and Sarge for your great commentary! Made me laugh, made me think. Can’t ask for more than that.

Just enjoyed a re-watch of The Last Jedi. It’s one of the more visually interesting of the Star Wars films (esp. the moment when Admiral Holdo goes to light speed), but wow do they go all in on the lens flare. I get that it’s trendy (we see it in Discovery and the JJ-verse too), but I wonder how that’s gonna hold up in about 20 years from now.

If I’ve got to have insomnia, turning on the tv to find “The Lower Decks” on certainly makes it more enjoyable.

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Spending this quiet Sunday enjoying a re-watch of Season 1 of Discovery as prep for Season 2’s arrival next month. We are deep into the Mirror Universe now. Long live the Empire! ⚔️

Watching TNG “Tapestry” tonight for the first time in quite a while. Seems like it might have some interesting tie-ins to the forthcoming Picard series. I wonder if we’ll see Q in that show too, tormenting Picard in his later years?

I noticed tonight that IMDB has the schedule for when Season 2 of Discovery will be aired. Starting on January 17, we’ll have a new episode each Thursday right on through the return of Daylight Saving time here in the US. That’s welcome news as winter deepens and hibernation instincts kick in. Something to look forward to. ✨

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