why have a community when you could just have a commune?

What if "No, you can't help people that way!" wasn't a thing that was considered reasonable to say.

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Unrelated to gender, but related to transition, unschooler culture that I grew up in was not very big on should.

We didn't really have an idea that someone 'should' be a specific way. When I describe it, while those attributes are common, they weren't enforced. It baffles me to this day when people think they "should" be a certain way. I don't know how to model that. I don't know how to predict what people will think they "should" be in a particular situation.

Trans culture has lots of should.

I don't remember.

It seems we're a society mostly without real roots or real homes. And the damage may be incalculable.

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'If you go far enough back, we are all indigenous, but most of us don't remember when the cord was cut between us and our true way of being.'

- Paraphrase of something said by an indigenous Hawaiian Zen master at a conference I got to see.

Anyone playing the Star Trek Adventures tabletop RPG? I'm running a campaign now!

*trying to look comfortable examining a potted plant* 😅

DS9 spoilers 

The main reason Star Trek is a utopia isn't philosophical or ethical, it's sheer utilitarianism: Everyone is competent at their job because there's no reason for anyone to have a job they're not good at. Nobody needs to fear being unemployed because money isn't necessary to live.

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