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I'm a bit out of practice on Masto so please let me know if you'd like me to add a CW for things that I'm not CWing ❤

Just to say: I really appreciate it when people put politics posts behind a CW, thank you everyone who does ❤️

Moomin, body image, being soft + 

I think about this a lot

I really like 'colour field' abstract paintings and recently found Alma Woodsey Thomas' work, which I hope I can see in person one day.

She was one of the first African American women to get a fine arts degree (in 1924) and she worked as a school art teacher until 1960.

When she retired she went back to college to study art history and started painting these beautiful colour field works in her kitchen. She had her first exhibition when she was 75.

UK alternatives to Salvation Army 

You might like to donate to The Outside Project, Centrepoint, Shelter, Crisis, or the Big Issue Foundation who are all providing services for people experiencing homelessness and campaigning for decent housing for everyone

[Edited to remove St Mungos]

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salvation army, LGBT discrim, violence, so-called 'pro life' stance 

Re: last boost, however they're trying to rebrand themselves now, until a couple of years ago the Salvation Army (in the UK at least) openly and officially opposed LGBTQIA rights and that's reason enough to avoid them. They're also extremely anti-abortion, despite winning contracts in recent years to run shelters for women who've experienced violence, many of whom may be facing unwanted pregnancy.

Just a Spock gif, featuring that amazing TOS purple lighting 💜

practice pages for comic colouring 

If any masto creators have some inked pages/panels they wouldn't mind me using for colouring practice please shout!

People have kindly made some lineart available on DeviantART but it's almost all pin ups and I really want to practice using colour as a storytelling tool across 2 or 3 pages.

Plus it's mostly superheroes and I have some good practice pages for them already.

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I've been doing some more comic colouring recently, please enjoy this pin up of sad Batman, my perpetual problematic fave.

(inks by amydrewthat via DeviantART)

I have a Pinterest board called 'Witch Houses' where I collect pictures of remote cottages such that a witch (me, ideally) might live in.

I love this illustration by Richard Powers for Science Fiction Omnibus anthology, 1963. Amazing colours.

Pleased to discover Nika Goltz's fairytale illustrations! These are mostly 1950s and 60s I think.

Shout out to communist, feminist, anti-fascist author Sylvia Townsend Warner, who not only wrote wonderful novels but also lived more or less openly as a lesbian in Dorset in the 1930s, which I imagine had its challenges.

Beautiful eerie landscapes by photographer Gundula Blumi, I love these so much 💙

I'm a bit out of practice on Masto so please let me know if you'd like me to add a CW for things that I'm not CWing ❤

I like this cheerful stone skull (from a church in Devon)

It was especially nice to look through these 1950s scifi stories after rewatching DS9 Far Beyond The Stars last night with @clinkingdog What an episode! ❤🚀🤖👽

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Happy discovery of the week: this massive free archive of golden age comics and science fiction magazines

I've been away for a while so time for a new post.

I'm a bi cis woman with , living in London with @zenithed

I'm learning to write and colour as well as playing with paint.

I love (esp ) + other spooky stuff.

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