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Feeling myself enough to finally do an post I think!

I'm a 35 yr old cis bi woman living in London. I'm running a public history project I founded 3 years ago but stepping down soon to join a design and print .

I'm a and a . I've had some mental health stuff, which I think could be linked to .

I love , , , , spooky shit, (esp DC). I'm learning to colour comics and I want to take up swordfighting 🎨🀺

Out in the woods with a pal, got a painting done! Returning to Missouri tomorrow for...strangely comparable chilly weather

does anybody else enjoy staying up late because you feel like its the only time of day when the demands of life arent being forced on you and time seems to stand still for a bit and your problems recede into the background. is that just me

Android queen Janelle MonΓ‘e (for GQ Magazine by Pari Dukovic) πŸ’–

Pretty much the only thing I sew these days is little toy dragons I've named 'scrapdragons' because they're made of ill-advised charity shop purchases and wool garments that I've accidentally shrunk in the wash

Copper-infused agates, aka cyborg rocks. So beautiful!

If my notifications are anything to go by the on Masto is toy dragons, interesting rocks, and Janelle MonΓ‘e πŸ‘

Android queen Janelle MonΓ‘e (for GQ Magazine by Pari Dukovic) πŸ’–

Someone in our local neighbourhood FB group does daily weather forecast videos from their back garden, and it is the most wholesome thing ever.

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UK Reform of Gender Recognition Act/transphobia/extra resource! Show more

UK Reform of Gender Recognition Act/transphobia/extra resource #2 (improved) Show more

[sobbing] computers are so much. so much ahppens on them

Day 5! I'm behind on posts here, but up to date on Twitter :angery: #mastoart #inktober #illustration An Anemone witch, who lives in an upside down acorn on a little lake with her pet bee Ben

How to become a monster girl IRL?

Asking for a friend.

although tbh I'd probably wear it with some trousers

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