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Feeling myself enough to finally do an post I think!

I'm a 35 yr old cis bi woman living in London. I'm running a public history project I founded 3 years ago but stepping down soon to join a design and print .

I'm a and a . I've had some mental health stuff, which I think could be linked to .

I love , , , , spooky shit, (esp DC). I'm learning to colour comics and I want to take up swordfighting 🎨🀺

Biting into a whole, unpeeled avocado while making eye contact with a boomer to establish dominance.

"Newly discovered silent film from 1898 is believed to be the earliest cinematic depiction of African-American affection."


Eventually we 3D printed an octopus out of Aluminium.

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Ok here's my Star Trek top 5 hotlist, mostly for @Sajarina 's benefit. It's tricky but I think it's:

1. Kira
2. Dax
3. Chekov
4. Geordi
5. Troi

I wish I could do an instance-only post to encourage more Ten Forwardians to share their top 5 Star Trek crushes with me. Just one so far! This is so important you guys :'-(

In this picture you're looking at the sun from inside the sun's corona.

Think about that for a minute. This is closer to the sun than anything human-created has ever been.

The two bright arcs shooting from left to right? "two distinct jets of solar material, known as coronal streamers."

The bright spot on the left? That's Jupiter. Almost 500 million miles away.

Sometimes we can do pretty amazing stuff, we humans. In a pretty amazing universe.

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My ST girls top 5 hotlist:

1) Jadzia Dax
2) Mirror Universe Kira
3) Uhura
4) Kira
5) Crusher

My ST boys top 5 hotlist:

1) Spock
2) Data
3) Kirk
4) Geordi
5) DS9 Worf

(Thank you @Jessicacrets for starting this important conversation)

Haus In der Wintersonne, 1909 by Gabriele MΓΌnter

(from the lifegiving @womensart1 twitter account)

Into The Spider-Verse was incredible! 🀩 A real love letter to superhero comics with the most dazzling animation I've ever seen. (It's a bit overwhelming at times so won't be good for everyone.)

I remember the racist backlash when Miles Morales was first introduced, it makes me really happy to see him in his own excellent film!

from a few months ago, a piece about car travel companions #mastoart #illustration

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Hullo fediverse! I'm Adrien. I've been doing a weekly webcomic called White Noise since 2011. If you like stories about queer characters, monsters, found families, overcoming trauma, and queer monsters finding families while overcoming trauma, you'll probably like it! It's also got a prose component for screen readers (and for an extra perspective, I suppose?)

(Some sort-of body horror and discussion of depersonalization below)
#introductions #introduction #webcomics

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