Pretty much the only thing I sew these days is little toy dragons I've named 'scrapdragons' because they're made of ill-advised charity shop purchases and wool garments that I've accidentally shrunk in the wash

I make them because it's soothing but have never got around to doing anything with them, I have about six now I think just sitting in a cupboard. One day maybe I'll take them to a yard sale or something.

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New scrapdragon almost ready to stuff! Looks like a little Loch Ness monster without its ears.

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Oh my gosh, just woke up and y'all really liked that scrapdragon! Thank you ☺

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Feeling very encouraged. I'm trying to knock a cold on the head before I start my new job tomorrow so will probably stay in bed and sew today!

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In a classic set of moves I got distracted by sorting out my scrap bag, then had an idea for a gift so cut out all the parts I need for that, then decided to read a few chapters of my book, but now four hours later I am settling down to sew.

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@clinkingdog hee! I've been working on this one a few stitches at a time for over a year, poor thing

@Sajarina Dragons hatch very slowly, it is known :) I think I recognise this jumper, too!

@erinbee Thank you! I found the pattern on a random blog years and years ago, have adapted it a little to make the feet less fiddly ☺

@DialMforMara @JordiGH Thank you! ☺ I haven't got organised enough to sell any yet, although I'm thinking about it, I've made about six.

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