Found some more info and better pictures of the sparkly sea rock:

Turns out it's an Opal Butte crystal ☺️🍑💎

It always makes me happy that so much of the fediverse appreciates a pretty rock ☺️

@Sajarina you’re lying that’s literally a piece of the sea

@half_rat it must have broken off during a really big wave or something

@Sajarina Pretty sure someone just froze a part of the sea to have.

@Galacticdoodle surely everyone's thought of lifting a little bit of the ocean for their masterpiece at some time

@Sajarina pretty obvious this is a stolen seawitch's soul and its possessor is cursed for eternity until it is returned to her final resting place

@sajan they look so magical ☺️ I've been making a Pinterest board of pretty rocks, most of which are opals

@Sajarina no I'm pretty sure you found the elemental crystal of water.

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