@Sajarina I've never paid too much attention that you don't see any toilets on-screen. However, looking at the floor plans it seems that even the captains have to use "public toilets" 🤔

@rantanplan they just hold it in between planets, like true leaders

@Sajarina @rantanplan most of them except for DS9 do have a "suspiciously unmarked door" - that'll be the bathroom.

I guess Cardassians didn't believe in personal bathrooms. You know, aliens. :itsaliens:

@Sajarina I'm still weirded out how a STD ship that's sitting between ENT and TOS has quarters that's more spacious and advance looking than Kirk's.

ENT had the right idea by making the Enterprise look all cramped and feeling like a submarine.

@polychrome @Sajarina also noticed that ! STD seems to me way more technologically advanced than it should given the timeline

but also i kind of like how the series does it's own thing and doesn't get too dragged down by so many years of existing canon

@alkahest @Sajarina it'd be nice if STD was its own series that wasn't part of a franchise if they really wanted to do their own story that isn't part of decades of existing canon :blobmelt:

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