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I promise to always be an opinionated and argumentative bitch

if you were following me expecting this not to be the case please reconsider your exegesis of my posts

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oh boy it's 9am I have this blocked out on my calendar as "defend the Soviet Union: all-day activity, ends: Dec 31 9999"

Sam Marcy's political trajectory is weird as fuck, he was like "wait why are all the other trotskyists abandoning the USSR now? they're still socialist under stalin, stalin isn't that bad" then he was like "why are trotskyists supported the united states in the korean war? what the fuck" and then he was kicked out of every trot party so started his own and kept accidentally taking the correct line on everything because he applied dialectics and materialism and eventually abandoned the trot label.

@LaComtesseRouge its like supposed to be insanely tragic that he's like this complete total fucking jackass who got himself killed for literally no fucking reason

@LaComtesseRouge personally i think its epic that even in the idealized bad ass fantasy fictional alexander hamilton he still gets fucking owned because he has a hair trigger rage and challenges everyone to duels to solve his problems, lmao it's literally one dude's fantasy of being a ladies' man who can win rap battles because he gets to write all of his opponents' lines for them

if you want to do a revisionist reading of a text and say its gay actually, whatever, but when you do it of FUCKING HAMILTON its just like. what the fuck did you watch the show? the dude sticks his dick in every woman he meets and constantly cheats on his wife.

also oof why do people even play engineer if they're just gonna ignore the scout on their team and not place platforms for the scout to grapple to!!

I can understand not being psychic and getting everywhere I want instantly

but some of these randos would just either ignore my markers completely or build a full set of stairs, rather than dumping one platform for me to grapple to

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anyway just got finished playing a bunch of deep rock galactic

thanks to @LaComtesseRouge for helping me get my Engineer promoted!

I saw this racist ass thread where someone was like "NFTs are popular in Japan and you're alienating the people who like them by using the same arguments you usually do because Japanese people don't get them because they're stupid"

they acted like mentioning environmental impact was a non starter because they won't get it or something

so many words that just boiled down to either "they're stupid" or "they'll just get defensive"

either of which could equally apply to western crypto losers


y'all think they'll choose Ben Simmons over Trae for the all star game again this year XD

@SeanAloysiusOBrien And suddenly the West stopped pretending to care about the well being of people in Hong Kong now that it's financially and politically disadvantageous to them.

@SeanAloysiusOBrien @Thomas yeah but how are a bunch of silicon valley goobers supposed to get rich off regular style rice farming

@SeanAloysiusOBrien talk about having literally zero actual problems in current year of all years lmao yikes

moving to Portland Maine so I can catfish people who live in the PNW

"yeah I live in Portland! ๐Ÿ˜"

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