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sending the victims of communism foundation a tip that vicious reds on a platform called mastodon are bodying innocent people with a brutal technique developed by eduoard siddons

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I am a communist.

This means I see a violent revolution in which the bourgeoisie and their dogs are killed as the only path for justice to be done.

I do not disguise my views, and if they make you uncomfortable you should probably not follow me.

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oh boy it's 9am I have this blocked out on my calendar as "defend the Soviet Union: all-day activity, ends: Dec 31 9999"

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In the past, liberals have had the fig leaf of the "Oslo Accords" or the "Two state solution" and "liberal zionism" to defend their position.

All of those have evaporated in the wind, there is no liberal stance now but to ignore what every Israeli institution is saying loud and clear

if you understand that there is injustice going on in Palestine by Israel but feel like you don't understand the whole picture,

the BDS movement also has a pretty good historical primer of the situation

it's written to appeal to libs and you can tell, but it's factual and hits the most important points if you feel at a loss as to understanding the big picture and historical context

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if you've been seeing and hearing about the horrors the state of Israel and its western allies have been inflicting on the Palestinian people, but don't know where to start,

I recommend looking into the BDS movement, they have a page outlining the basics of what you can do and what you should focus on

liberals love fantasies of defending their home(land) against evil invaders but decry Palestinian children when they throw rocks at IDF soldiers who shot their family

imperialism is paved with bricks of white supremacy

I play PLD most, then DRK the second most, and the other two tanks waaaaay less so it's unlikely I'm going to get the Warrior or Gunbreaker mounts anytime in the near future.

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it's disturbing how many people on here think romance of the three kingdoms was a work of history as opposed to chiefly a work of fiction that made up much of it

I like that both China and India have banned guns on their shared border so you get neat photos of them practicing with melee weapons

white people be like : stormblood too spicy. I don't play video games to think about the blood on my hands.

I don't generally feel like various femme language/descriptors work for me but one exception is "wench" hell yeah

Israel is a white supremacist settler colonial state which is committing genocide against Palestinians.

@FirstProgenitor mika be like "I hate the word plan I'm going to say keikaku instead"

elite dangerous joke 

12 Rules for Flight by Zorgon Peterson

Hamas is good and correct actually

"""terrorism""" is the correct response to a settler colonial state occupying your home

of the 28 Palestinians killed yesterday by Israel using American bombs, 10 were children

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Israel, with the crucial military and political support of the US, tears families apart like this every day

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Israel conducted one of its regular bombings of the Gaza strip, the open air prison that they maintain keeping the Palestinian people

they killed at least 28 Palestinians, wounding many more

this young child lost his father and brother

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