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sending the victims of communism foundation a tip that vicious reds on a platform called mastodon are bodying innocent people with a brutal technique developed by eduoard siddons

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I am a communist.

This means I see a violent revolution in which the bourgeoisie and their dogs are killed as the only path for justice to be done.

I do not disguise my views, and if they make you uncomfortable you should probably not follow me.

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oh boy it's 9am I have this blocked out on my calendar as "defend the Soviet Union: all-day activity, ends: Dec 31 9999"

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british websites be like

this site uses biscuits to improve your user experience

funny how it's an epic meme where leftists make fun of CPUSA (correctly) for saying "vote democrat" however come election year most of those leftists seen completely on board the "vote democrat" train

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honestly pretty telling how many "left" media outlets and podcasts are just wall to wall people handwringing "oof I don't like it but we have to vote for Biden"

gonna do inktober using some of the cool new pen brushes i found and call it extinctober cuz fuck that guy

this pitcher must be shitting his pants

three home runs in a row

@SeanAloysiusOBrien remember my simple country Klingon lawyer bit? So inherently fash, amirite?

some people are haunted by the fear that someone, somewhere, online might be having a good time

Bitmoji suggested this to me and I feel like itโ€™s mocking me

why are millennial LEVELING CULINARIAN and not LEARNING TO COOK? smh entitled generation

"xenophobia against europe" is just a way to launder the concept of reverse racism, sorry

the thing about the ancient greeks inventing steam power & then not doing much with it tends to get brought up as this 'what could have been', but the reason they didn't do much with it is they didn't have much they could have done with it. an agricultural slave society doesn't need steam power

I'm actually kind of fascinated by "jokes are facist" ideology on here, but like in a disgusted kind of way

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