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I am a communist.

This means I see a violent revolution in which the bourgeoisie and their dogs are killed as the only path for justice to be done.

I do not disguise my views, and if they make you uncomfortable you should probably not follow me.

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oh boy it's 9am I have this blocked out on my calendar as "defend the Soviet Union: all-day activity, ends: Dec 31 9999"

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candy corn

are you fucking kidding me lmao

it was in spam which I did not notice like a giant brain genious

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ok she got back to me saying she sent it but I do not see it???

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I dredged up so much fucking initiative to make that first fucking phone call in the first place and this person is making all my worst paranoid fears spiral uncontrollably by just not sending this fucking email

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starting to believe that the thing about the american continent that makes the horrors of capitalism so much more blatant is that, due to the nature of settler colonialism, the undesirables of our systems (black and indigenous people, poor people, etc.) live within our borders. so, in order to function, our states need to be much more brutal to their own population in order to properly deny dignity to those who aren't owed dignity

europe has a much easier time keeping the appearance of civility because europe's undesirables can be kept outside of their borders. this enables them to not be violent against their own population

eugh, did my 100% least favorite thing in the universe and left a voice message

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ok one hour isn't too soon to call back being like "yo where's that email??"

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I mean idk maybe there was more to her getting the form than she lead me to believe but she made it sound like I should expect an email any minute?

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how soon is too soon to call back being like "hey about that email you were supposed to send me??????"

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sometimes Google is like "we hawked some info from your bank transactions. Look at this ad for a restaurant you just visited! Want this brand of chips you're eating right now?" and other times it's like "we saw you've been searching 'ffxiv' a lot... do you like... ๐Ÿ‘€... games?"

hahaha! your attacks are meaningless against the absolute defense of my scrotum shell!

I just wanna fill out this fucking form and not have to stress about this thing anymore!!!

why are you making my brain run wild that there's some sort of problem with every minute you delay??

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this person made it sounds like they were typing out this email they were going to send to me right as we were on the phone but it's been like 20m already and no email???

I'm the brown knight

my armour used to be white but I shidd in it too much

I am going to murder the webdev losers who decided everything needed to be like mobile

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if I wanted to share a post I would simply copy/paste its url instead of this ugly fucking button

a share button is for a phone where it is less convenient to find/copy/paste a URL

why does everyone insist on making desktop design more like mobile design

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that ugly share button people wre complaining about months ago finally showed up for me


it's just fucking in the way

god just in case you couldn't hat them enough, wikia did a universal site redesign of all the wikia sites and it fucking sucks

looks like it's designed for mobile!

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