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sending the victims of communism foundation a tip that vicious reds on a platform called mastodon are bodying innocent people with a brutal technique developed by eduoard siddons

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I am a communist.

This means I see a violent revolution in which the bourgeoisie and their dogs are killed as the only path for justice to be done.

I do not disguise my views, and if they make you uncomfortable you should probably not follow me.

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oh boy it's 9am I have this blocked out on my calendar as "defend the Soviet Union: all-day activity, ends: Dec 31 9999"

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there's a tos episode with this synopsis:

as punishment for trespassing on their planet, the inhabitants condemn Captain Kirk and his landing party to reenact the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

I know this might strain credulity, but it's even worse than it sounds

anyway back to business as usual of tasking the concentration camp hr department with coming up for less evil sounding ways to refer to the kids they're putting in cages

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it will never not be funny that america had the most cartoon bad guy "and fuck your little dog too!" president and they still couldn't successfully impeach him

@SeanAloysiusOBrien can't wait for john stewart esque docudramas about how the satellite images were all fake and everyone involved should go to prison and that's why you have to vote Democrat

its because a lot of people (mainly whites) abuse cws as a way to ignore the real pain of other people. like when they want us to cw talking about racism we experience on here its a macroaggression because they're telling us to shut up and take the abuse where they can't see it.

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can't wait until the current generation of succdems in 10 years go "ok yeah sure all that anti chinese propaganda was wrong but the tankies were right for the wrong reasons!"

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okay because i can only post these kinds of things without getting yelled at by liberals late at night. i just want to say that the early adopters of mastodon settting the tone that anything "political" (lol) has to be cordoned off to a cw "so i can read it when i'm ready" (lol) is so fucking liberal. literally the most liberal shit imagineable. literally sticking your head in the sand bullshit. there is no such thing as a non political topic you can talk about, this was done by techies and furries who'd rather this place only be used to discussed linux bullshit and porn and got irl mad when people would use it to discuss shit that actually matters and effects people.

you can see this with iraq war supporters

they think there was nothing wrong with their thought process, and all the people against the war were still wrong

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how to be a neither washington nor beijing poster:

analyze the situation as if it were on a vaccum, agitate for empire to intervene, and act like it was all a fluke when you're obviously wrong

@SeanAloysiusOBrien remember when the entire fucking third act of the movie is a defense of bush era surveillance lmao

its deeply funny that the only autonomous zone in europe isn't very left wing and basically serves as a place for capitalists to deal hard drugs without repurcussions. what is going on in north asia.

remember when Christopher Nolan made sure to sneak in as much sinophobia as he could into the dark knight

caring about special effects in movies and preferring practical effects is boomer shit.

remember that episode of TOS where Spock makes the romulan commander so horny she doesn't notice Kirk doing espionage

people who complain about the ffxiv community should spend a few hours at max level in wow lol, like at least in ffxiv you can assume on a baseline that the english speaking community will be cool if you say you're gay or trans, in wow you can expect any serious guild to have people constantly calling the boss the f slur or a racial slur because it killed them

look, if the Democrats just won 100% of the vote then *maybe* they could raise the minimum wage to $10/hr

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