I swear if I see one more fucking lib freak out about tiktok "it's owned by the chinese!" bullshit I'm going to explode

not only is it owned by *a chinese company*, not "the chinese", but ahh yes, hate to be spied on by the chinese state! far better to be spied on by the US state which has actual power over my life

consider the way american media talks about "the chinese" and the threat they pose to you, the innocent american

orientalism is alive and well

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@SeanAloysiusOBrien i like having the companies who spy on me be spread out so i can always keep them guessing


@SeanAloysiusOBrien friendly reminder that

1. pretty much every company in the prc is beholden to the state govt directly or indirectly - you could never, ever pull what apple did with the fbi in any court

2. some people have family and friends in china and they can and do scrape all sorts of data to decide who to un-perons or at least deny a passport, deny a job, deny an education licence, charge with a crime, etc. etc. etc.



I mean maybe there are some niche cases still seems overall sfaer than an american company having your data


::clicks profile::

okay, imagine everything bad people have said about israel, now get rid of the blatantly anti-semitic ones, then add actual holocaust camps

now imagine a country that's basically that, except netanyahu has near-absolute power and an even more fragile ego and is absolutely bugfuck terrified of being harmed in any conceivable way

now imagine that country having jurisdiction over more than 1 billion people with a huge global disapora



you're right this is an imaginary scenario

because in every material sense if you live in the US you are much more likely to be harmed by the American state than the chinese state


@SeanAloysiusOBrien "in every material sense if you live in the US you are much more likely to be harmed by the American state than the chinese state" i certainly won't deny that, but something bothered me about this

it's the fact that they're two separate things and getting fucked one way is still less worse than getting fucked two ways

your original reasoning was, at least as presented in that order, just a big tu quoque redirecting hatred back to the usa (which fwiw i have no love for)


@carcinopithecus @SeanAloysiusOBrien this makes about as much sense as explaining politics through harry potter houses, and yet it's somehow more condescending


@Amber i'd try to rebut this but there is no actual substance to rebut, congratulations you've won

@SeanAloysiusOBrien I mean to be fair, most chinese companies are in the pocket of the state, and bytedance is no different, but

would I rather be spied on by the Chinese who squints want to sell me something

or the US who want to rig elections, and possibly add me to a registry of trans individuals


yeah I have no illusions as to barriers between state power and these companies on either side it's just frustrating that the logic is only applied to Official US enemies instead of "oh but did you know that's owned by the Americans!??"

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