queerphobic slur 

when someone says there were good parts of 4chan I am just holding my breath until they call me "fag"


you know what's ok?

acknowledging that you were desensitized to bigotry or that you might've been ok with it yourself at a previous point in your life

you know what's NOT ok?

pretending like that fucking pit was ever good

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@SeanAloysiusOBrien I still don’t understand how there was ever a use for any of the chans for anything other than pr0n aggregation. As long as I’ve used it to source weird pr0n, I’ve known to ignore posts without images attached, all green text, all text that isn’t links to known pr0n sites... It’s an image board by parentage, why did text profligate?? Always confused by that.

@max @SeanAloysiusOBrien same reason Twitter “threads” get used when blog posts would be a better fit in terms of feature set. At some point, scale trumps all.

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