regular reminder if you're going to a protest, do not post that online

do not RSVP to facebook (or other) events

tell someone close to you in person that you're going

don't bring your phone

and go

whether things go smoothly or get rough, hopefully you get home

when you do, *still* don't fucking post about it

it doesn't matter if you think you're planning on committing any criminal acts or not

merely being present at a "riot" is a crime, you could be misidentified and have something else pinned on you

the cops are well known for "kettling" in large groups of people and just arresting them en masse

if you do get arrested, then your smartass cute post about going to a protest just became evidence

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@SeanAloysiusOBrien Basically If you're gonna protest, dont treat it like a cracker frat party down by the lake; take it seriously.

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