I see so many people trying to explain/apologize for various forms of violence whether it be breaking windows, starting fires, looting, or throwing shit at cops

coming up with stuff like "oh it's all provocateurs" or "it's white supremacists" or "oh it's mostly white people" and like

I don't get why everyone is scrambling to come up with excuses for why people who've been beaten down for centuries now wouldn't justifiably and understandably snap?

I'm not saying there aren't *any* provocateurs or that there aren't also plenty of white people starting shit but

I don't like this stance of feeling like we need to apologize or shift the "blame" for violence when said violence is not only understandable but justified

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like it all seems to stem from this obsession with making sure the protests are respectable that I think is a fundamentally liberal priority

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idk maybe PoC here feel differently than me about this I just feel like people who violently reacts to the cruel absurdity of american capitalism don't need apologize for anything

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