reminder that Boston Dynamics who makes all those "cute" robots is a military contractor

they're not doing this to be cute, they're making stuff to help the US kill brown people

@SeanAloysiusOBrien they would explain the profound creepiest of headless robot dog

@SeanAloysiusOBrien saw a fucking twitter video of some white people coming across one of those dogs in the streets at night and lauding over it like it was a real puppy and I was just thinking about how these dogs will be all over the streets in about 30 years upholding our freedom


robot dogs, now with new and improved (racist) policing subroutines!

@geesehoward @SeanAloysiusOBrien how do you meet one of those things and not kick it the fuck over. steal the parts maybe

Well who else funds things with long R&D times. Nobody. That's who.

@space_cadet @SeanAloysiusOBrien lmao 'killing brown people is the only way we get to have cool robots tho. for killing brown people :/'

like are you sure you just want to hang your ass out like that my dude

@space_cadet @SeanAloysiusOBrien someone with a sense of morality might ask 'should we have cool robots if the only use we're allowed to put them to is killing brown people, and are they even that cool if that is the case'

@horsefucker_thicc @SeanAloysiusOBrien

I did. I didn't think it was necessary to state something so bleedingly obvious though, so I went with satirical cynicism instead.

Apparently my humour was too subtle for quite a few USAmericans today, judging by the storm of abuse my toot has brought to me.

@witchfynder_finder @SeanAloysiusOBrien

Oh I think a lot my friend. I think too much. I have thought about the USA so very much that I have concluded that if it was indeed a "great experiment" then it has failed utterly.

@space_cadet @SeanAloysiusOBrien are you familiar with the works of thomas layon on the development of technology?

@a_lizard @SeanAloysiusOBrien

No. Give me a quick summary and why his work is relevant to this discussion?

@a_lizard @SeanAloysiusOBrien

Violence is so deeply ingrained in your country's collective psyche that you even use it when communicating in metaphor. Do you even realise that no other country or culture glorifies violence the way you do?

@a_lizard @space_cadet

I clicked on this post in local and lmao did nobody tell them what happened to the people who originally lived in australia

@a_lizard @SeanAloysiusOBrien

The one that thinks fake extreme violence is a hilarious form of entertainment

@a_lizard @SeanAloysiusOBrien

Only because Rupert Murdoch needs to keep brainwashing the masses to support his despicable ideas

You know, the guy that left Aus to become a US citizen because he felt more at home there

@space_cadet @SeanAloysiusOBrien yeah its all like, one guy doing all of the violence in australia

@a_lizard @SeanAloysiusOBrien

But who invented it? It's sick. Violence is sick. There are sick people all over the world, it's true.

It's OK, you can love your country, but you don't have to love its extreme love of violence if you don't want to. I still have hope that the USA can one day become more peaceful, but it would need a really good reason to change.

@a_lizard @SeanAloysiusOBrien

Fake wrestling. Who invented fake wrestling. Turned it into entertainment for the whole family. Made extreme violence appear to be funny.

@a_lizard @SeanAloysiusOBrien

OK you win. Imma go eat chocolate now. It's been fun but I'm being a wanker, so ... seeya.

@a_lizard @SeanAloysiusOBrien

Ok jeez, you win double. Really bye this time. I need chocolate. And binge watching zombie killing shows.

Just a piece of trivia, "batacchio" also means "dick"

Dick like a slapstick

@space_cadet @a_lizard @SeanAloysiusOBrien damn you know what is worse than fake extreme violence? drones murdering innocent civilians, perhaps. maybe it's all of the warcrimes people talk about.

@space_cadet @a_lizard @SeanAloysiusOBrien please stop, your expanding brain is getting so big i can't see my timeline around it

@space_cadet @heartles @a_lizard @SeanAloysiusOBrien lol australians are predominantly a nation of people who claim to be descended from criminals but call the police when our public transport is five minutes late and get boners when the state cracks down on protesters

@binchicken @heartles @a_lizard @SeanAloysiusOBrien

I am ashamed to admit this is true about my country.

We are the pearl-clutchers with cats bum mouths and speaking in a language that consists primarily of tutting

@space_cadet @heartles @a_lizard @SeanAloysiusOBrien you just tried to tut-tut an entire country with some of the most offensively self-congratulatory, overly verbose, cloyingly smug long-range wrong-headded analysis I've ever seen. how on earth did you go from “actually the army is good because they pay for cool robots” to “violence is bad” to “americans have a monopoly on violence because of wrestling?”

@space_cadet @heartles @a_lizard @SeanAloysiusOBrien ah but violence is bad remember? turn off your awful violent zombie show you are allowing the idolizing of violence into the famously peaceful and not built on massacre island nation of australia

@binchicken @heartles @a_lizard @SeanAloysiusOBrien

Umm yeah, self-deprecation is another form of humour

Perhaps I should just stop trying

@space_cadet @heartles @a_lizard @SeanAloysiusOBrien i am going to try to stop bullying you, not because i assume you mean no harm, but because you genuinely come across as big-brained, and not in the good way, and there is no concluding clause to this statement

@space_cadet @heartles @a_lizard @SeanAloysiusOBrien keep in mind, i am a bird that eats garbage and interrupts al-fresco dining. i do nothing in good faith and i do it with a grating honk of my awful bin-juice stained beak.

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