the funniest thing about so-called "China watchers", both amatuer and professional, is how they frequently get very basic and fundamental facts about life in China wrong

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one such example, some loser who gets paid by the US state department and Australian Defense department to do "research" about China found a picture of a food stall and pointed out....

There's an ominous QR code plastered to the wall?!?!?

This guys "sources" tell him it's used CCP[Sic] tracking

however anyone who has been to china or lived there knows that said QR codes are WeChat pay codes

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as funny as this is, how this occurs is that these losers know that the platforms they speak on don't care about what people who live in China have to say about basically anything

whether it's social media or professional journalistic outlets, the voice of China is never people who live there, and always professional white experts who don't, with an occasional "dissident" exile

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anyway if you're ever reading heinous shit about China, consider who the sources are

is it professional white experts? exiled "dissidents"? someone who works for some NGO with the words "strategic", "defense", "democracy", or "security" ?

consider that they might be full of shit and just selling the US State Department line with zero regard for the truth

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@SeanAloysiusOBrien Could part of this be that it's the American not understanding what life is truly lile there? And what they know is filtered through a lens of communism fear? Or is it just that they don't really care about the average Chinese person?

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