But people* can** change in 70 years***..!

**never changes

@SeanAloysiusOBrien i feel vaguely guilty for being as amused as i am that the german olympic slogan is so much catchier than the other one

@hypolite It is fake - most likely. That image was created for an exhibition in our days. The German phrase at the top has a spelling error. And "Coke is it" is from the 1980s.
@hypolite @alfred Ooooh, thank you for the correction, I'll pull my announce if it is even possible.
@hypolite Yep, but they made business and advertisements in Germany in that time. But not this particular one.
@hypolite @alfred I understand, but this example is particularly egregious. There is a difference between "doing business in Germany in the 1930s" and "openly embracing the Nazi ideology in their advertisement".

The caption "capitalism doesn't care about you" still stands, but I won't propagate fakes to make a point.
@alfred @hypolite Agreed, I deleted mine as well, just wish I had a dead on credible post to share it with.
@alfred @hypolite The artist supposedly said that they made it for an art show but I have yet to find a credible source for any of these fact checks.
@hypolite @alfred @anubis2814 It's fine as a an artistic criticism on its own but not taken as face value.
@vaartis @SeanAloysiusOBrien afri cola ist immer noch gut, aber das alte Rezept ist bei Fritz cola.
@lain @SeanAloysiusOBrien die neue Afri Cola ist schwacher, aus den Informationen von Wikipedia, richtig? Also Fritz ist so stark als die alte Afri Cola? Tut mir leid, es ist ein bisschen schwierig für mich zu verstehen.
@SeanAloysiusOBrien That said, all the places saying its a hoax, adbranch, hoaxeye and fake history hunter all have no mention on wikipedia and I can't find any credible source saying they are real. There was and art event linking coca-cola to nazis and Coca-cola really hated it, meaning they could have been running it through fake hoax finding sites. I don't think snopes has taken it on either. www.independent.co.uk/news/med… I am still up in the air with this one, BUT there is real reason to doubt it
@SeanAloysiusOBrien “Coke is est” – “Coke is it” is a slogan that was introduced in 1982
Trademark: the circle-R was not introduced for usage until 1940s – in the Trademark Act of 1946.
“Getrank” should be actually “Getränk” meaning beverage
German sentences are literal translations. They are clearly not written by a native German speaker
>capital doesn't care
Is capital a god ? Because with such logic it's like you forget that there are humans agreeing to achieve unreasonable/malicious goals.
@SeanAloysiusOBrien Quite right. The only problem is, the anti-capital forces are even worse for you.
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