lmao this one sure upset the anticommunists

this reinforces my belief that this is a good meme

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hilarious to get a reply like "because your admin is a SJW cuck they have prevented you from seeing this terribly important post!!!" *posts a screenshot of a reply from (we're defederated) that's spouting some anti-communist propaganda*

this same person also dug through months of my posts until they found one where my image caption was like "this is some right wing screed that I'm not going to caption" and we're like "so what?!?!? only sighted people deserve to read right wing screeds??!??" lol talk about bad faith

oh and ofc there was another reply from someone saying "To be honest this is conditioning people to accept living like people in China. Its not a good meme."

you love to see the sinophobia jump out lmao

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