Licking the boots of literal war criminals John McCain/George Bush?

Libs: awesome bipartisanship!

Going on known shitty dude Joe Rogan's podcast to get your message out to his huge impressionable audience?

Libs: this is 9/11 II

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like I'm not even saying it's this great thing to go on Joe Rogan's show, I think there are good reasons against doing it

but it's wild to hear the same crowd who speak John McCain's name in hushed tones turn around and say it's evil to associate yourself with Rogan

@SeanAloysiusOBrien yeah he has the largest audience in the world, lol, you'd be dumb not to go on. its not like he's tucker carlson where he's inviting you on to make you look bad.


yeah for all the reasons against going on it, there are actually valid good reasons to go on it too, chief among them is that he'll actually hear you out and let you say your piece

his problem is that he gives that treatment to awful awful people lmao

@SeanAloysiusOBrien yeah dyl used to listen to him a lot and said he's actually pretty good when he's talking about fighting/mma/martial arts and stuff and wishes he didn't talk about gender, lol

@SeanAloysiusOBrien rogan is a libertarian dip who frequently has cia guests advancing cia narratives, sometimes under the guise of similarly libertarian critiques. It's a net benefit for communist/left sympathizers to go on this show and exploit it toward their agenda counter to the cia narratives. If only they could get the chance to go on cable programs that are also occupied nonstop by natsec freak fuckos.

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