[[tapping comm badge]] πŸ”‰beep beep πŸ”‰

πŸ’¬ Ensign Theo to @guinan...

πŸ’­ Why won't this damned thing work?

[[taps comm badge repeatedly]]

πŸ’¬ Theo to... anyone???

❌ - I literally just can't even... The pilot episode is written by Seth MacFarlane and directed by Iron Man director Jon Favreau.


πŸ’­ I think I may regret this, but I had better play his game...

Very well, @Q, I accept.

[[Trips over a piece of deck plating in front of his quarters]]
πŸ’­What the hell? How did that...???

[[Pats his upper outer thighs awkwardly.]]
Oh, that's right, no pockets...

❌ as per the advice of the omnipotent @Q, I use the following symbols with the notated intended meanings for my toots:

πŸ’­ thoughts
πŸ—― yelling (have yet to use this)
πŸ’¬ incoming comm, or comm to other character
❌ speaking as me, the account owner, not as me, the Ensign (like this toot!)

If you see these general symbols within my toots, note the inferred context.

[[Hits comm badge]]
Theo to...
[[Forgets what he needed]]
[[Walks toward the bar]]

@DS9 Computer, please compile all information regarding the Ferengi race, the planet Ferenginar, and the culture of the inhabitants. Oh, and also, any information that we have on the so called... "Rules of Acquisition". Transfer data to my PADD, please.

That's strange, still no response from @Odo. Computer, locate Security Chief Odo...

❌❌❌- To my new followers: Thank you so much. I'm so happy that you enjoy watching my story in Ten Forward take shape. Unfortunately, in this instance, I follow only characters in the same instance. If you want a follow back, feel free to remote follow me over there at: mastodon.technology/@Theophilu where I'd be more than happy to follow back. Please understand, this is nothing against you, I just want the immersive RP experience while here. Thank you. - ❌❌❌

❌- I'm ashamed to admit that I've never watched @DS9. I plan to remedy that. I've watched TOS, TNG, Voyager and Enterprise all several times each. I've even watched the animated series and the movies, but no .

Computer - bring up full Starfleet service records of @Kirk, James Tiberias, and of @Spock, S'chn T'gai and transfer them to my PADD.

Ensign Theo to Security Chief @Odo... I think that the Ferengi pulled one over on me... Orders?

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Ten Forward

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