There’s Young Sheldon,
then why not Star Trek: Young Sissko; Star Trek: Young Janeway; or even #StarTrek Old Wesley Crusher‽

In today’s episode of Star Trek: #Haskell 7of9 is surprised Tuvok’s type‑safe logical code works on the first try.

once we finish ds9 tho we can watch the new season of lost in space so i’m still gonna be getting my space fix (as long as this season is as good as the first)

ds9 s7e4 

holy shit holy shit it’s the baseball episode

was looking forward to this one

Voyager – S7E8 

Someone finally said 'starbird nacelle.'

Prepping for Star Trek: Picard 

I’d never actually seen TNG in order from start to finish, just picked at episodes until I’d basically seen the whole thing, so I’m undertaking a proper re-watch as prep for the new Picard show. Not sure I’ll complete it in time—I’m halfway through Season 2 at the moment—but it sure is fun. Enjoyed the latest Short Trek, “Children of Mars,” which ties into Picard as well.

Enjoying a little light Sunday night reading. Apparently, these Picard comics are supposed to bridge the gap between Nemesis and what happens in the new Picard series. The first one was pretty good, I have to say.

fanny watches ds9 

“i don’t want to be here”
“then why do u exist here?”

my depression was just cured

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