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Newbie review of Mastodon
I’ve been on Mastodon for all of two weeks and these are some of the things I like so far:

I like that I can CW my toots so that my Trek followers don’t have to read my non-Trek musings.

I like that I can measure my experience here by the quality of my conversations, of which I’ve had many, and not by the number of followers—of which I have over 1,500 on the bird site.

I like that I’m not narrowcasted into only interacting with people who are exactly like me.

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I am an ex(?)-blogger/comedy screenwriter/instructor/trainer with a wide range of interests.

I definitely enjoy good conversations that are interesting, insightful and/or amusing, so if you follow me and are interesting, insightful and/or amusing then we should get along swimmingly.

I’ve been clicking my heels together
And yet nothing.
I must be wearing the wrong shoes.

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There's a kind of strawberry which looks like someone gave it the wrong colour palette. They're called pineberries, because they taste a bit like pineapple.

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Iguanas have 3 eyes. Two eyes like ours, and a third on the top of their heads, which is only sensitive to brightness and ultraviolet.

I was thinking of traveling
In my mind where it is safe
Relative to the outside world.

Anyone want to join me?

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Super Tuesday, Pete voters, LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 

On the bird site, the hashtag PetetoBernie is trending. Someone explained the reason why to me: they both prioritize healthcare, LGBTQ rights, early childhood education, and gun violence prevention.

End of my PSA for Super Tuesday

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Add "you're too attractive to be slouching" to the list of unsolicited bullshit cis men have told me 😪

Just found out
I have
President’s Day
Any suggestions
On how best
Waste it?

I was on Mastodon
Then I ghosted
Now I’m back
But what really is “back”?
Isn’t our existence fleeting
In the grand scheme of time and space?
And what profound things will I
even be sharing here?
I have no cat photos to share.
No funny quotes to post.
Just thoughts on my perspective
On the world around me.
Think I’ll go eat an orange.

Went hiking this morning. There was some concerns that the trail would be muddy, after the rain the past few days, but it’s a gravel trail with good drainage so I got in 4.5 miles on a really beautiful day.

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oh great, Pokemon Go wants me to make new friends.

go ahead, remind me that it's difficult to meet new people as an adult, why don't you.

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The dragon barely flinched as the sword struck its thick hide, over and over.

Eventually, its attacker collapsed into a sweating, tired, sobbing heap.

"What's wrong?"

"I was supposed to defeat you!"


"To be a knight! I've been a squire for 15 years!"

"Why do you want to be a knight?"

"So I'll finally be respected and valued."

"And Knighthood is the only path to that?"

"It is, in my family."

"They sound narrow-minded."

#TootFic #FlashFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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(also wyn)
A runic letter, used in Old and Middle English, later replaced by w.
‘The modern English wine comes from Old English wn, pronounced like modern ‘wean’: that indeed was how Chaucer pronounced his wyn, but Shakespeare's pronunciation was closer to our own.’

Old English, literally ‘joy’


Wally whined, wimpishly when he missed out on his evening glass of wine. No wynn (joy) for him.

I have nothing to say.
Just meeting my daily check-in requirement so that people don’t think I’ve ghosted.
It would seem that I would have something amusing to share, an anecdote, a joke or something.
But no, it was an average not too ordinary day.
Sorry for not meeting expectations.
Will try again tomorrow.

Another insomniatic morning, this one caused by incredibly loud storms waking me. And so instead of sleeping late on the weekend, I’m up before the chickens and about to go for a walk.

Maybe an afternoon nap is possible. If I put a golf tournament on the TV I should fall asleep on the couch in no time.

OMG, someone just shared a messed up alternative to a mouse trap:

Use Rollo candies. Chocolate outside hiding a caramel center. Their teeth get stuck.

Not only is that inhumane as hell, but you end up with the smell for two weeks of a dead mouse inside your wall.

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I didn't realize until the other day that Snoopy dreams about aerial combat with the Red Baron because plane battles are called dog fights

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