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Newbie review of Mastodon
I’ve been on Mastodon for all of two weeks and these are some of the things I like so far:

I like that I can CW my toots so that my Trek followers don’t have to read my non-Trek musings.

I like that I can measure my experience here by the quality of my conversations, of which I’ve had many, and not by the number of followers—of which I have over 1,500 on the bird site.

I like that I’m not narrowcasted into only interacting with people who are exactly like me.

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I am an ex(?)-blogger/comedy screenwriter/instructor/trainer with a wide range of interests.

I definitely enjoy good conversations that are interesting, insightful and/or amusing, so if you follow me and are interesting, insightful and/or amusing then we should get along swimmingly.


Expect updates if status changes

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Wheels and the Federation

Gene Roddenberry invented the transporter beam because he couldn’t figure out how to land the Enterprise.

If only someone had introduced to him the concept of retractable wheels.

Well, this past weekend I survived the first major snow storm of the season. Maybe I should put together a play list for the next one if I end up snowbound.

I’m thinking something in the zesty genre. Suggestions?

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1. read CW
2. open / read post
3. fully process CW
4. regret
5. repeat

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Passive aggressive people are the worst. Give me an angry Klingon any day. At least you know where you stand when someone is throwing the furniture at you. Passive agressives are like the Cadassian prefects of interpersonal communication, one minute they're all "But you're my friend" the next they're sentencing your mother to death because they're in a mood.

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