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Newbie review of Mastodon
I’ve been on Mastodon for all of two weeks and these are some of the things I like so far:

I like that I can CW my toots so that my Trek followers don’t have to read my non-Trek musings.

I like that I can measure my experience here by the quality of my conversations, of which I’ve had many, and not by the number of followers—of which I have over 1,500 on the bird site.

I like that I’m not narrowcasted into only interacting with people who are exactly like me.

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I am an ex(?)-blogger/comedy screenwriter/instructor/trainer with a wide range of interests.

I definitely enjoy good conversations that are interesting, insightful and/or amusing, so if you follow me and are interesting, insightful and/or amusing then we should get along swimmingly.

Insomnia I hate you
You deprive me of dreams
You deprive me of rest
You make me write poetry
At three o’clock in the morning
Without warning
Without permission
It’s a punishment without a crime
A sentence without an appeal
I doth hate you

Argh! I didn’t toot this morning. I took Friday off from work and now everything is topsy turvy.

I promise to do better tomorrow.

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I followed all of these steps to picking out a great watermelon and oh my GOD.

I'm currently eating the best watermelon I've ever had.

The brown webbing is the aftermath of bees pollinating the flower! The more times a flower is pollinated the sweeter the fruit!!!


It’s raining outside.
Was going to go for a hike
This morning
But it’s raining outside
So what fun is getting
There’s Netflix to watch
And books to read
And why do I want to get
Maybe I should first see
What’s for breakfast
And then decide.

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@autismplusmath @starrycosmos Nice to see all this info in one place. We were discussing the differences on their design versus moss yards. One of the conclusions we came to was we don't know exactly what the carbon sink data would be on just a moss yard. We need to get data on that. However, the design it seems was created to fastpace the lifecycle of moss. We may not get the same results by planting just 40 sq feet however by growing larger swathes, saving peat bogs, and using dead moss in organic soil composition we could still make it useful if on a larger scale.

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Customer Service Hall of Fame 

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misread news titles, death 

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@InvaderXan I honestly just thought everyone enjoyed nasty tea until I got a tea kettle with variable temperature settings, that thing changed my life

It’s Friday in my brain this morning since I will be off work tomorrow. Long day ahead of me but still, it’s one day less at a job that is less than glorious.

I wonder what it might be like to have a job where you’re genuinely saddened when you can’t go to work today. Like a part of your soul is empty.

Anyone have such an existence? And what do you call your pet unicorn that you ride into work on?

Writing about the brownie bites I bought last night. They’re not for me. I say that with intention. It’s relatively easy for me to say no to treats when it’s a beautiful day outside. Not so easy when it’s a horrible winter day.

But I don’t have to deal with winter for six months. Enjoy the day. That’s my recommendation and mantra for today.

It’s weird that I still have characters left. Why not suck the marrow out of Mastodon by using them all up?

Thinking about what to toot about today. In theory, there is an unlimited number of things to pontificate, chat about, or share thoughts on. But I’m at a loss at the moment. Lurking is antithetical to my existence and yet becoming engaged takes effort.

The sun’s coming up as I write this, insomnia has reared its ugly head again. Shall be a long day keeping awake but one day sleep-deprived is surmountable. It’s amazing all you can write with 500 beautiful characters.

US Politics 


Expect updates if status changes

Brr it’s cold outside 

Wheels and the Federation

Gene Roddenberry invented the transporter beam because he couldn’t figure out how to land the Enterprise.

If only someone had introduced to him the concept of retractable wheels.

Well, this past weekend I survived the first major snow storm of the season. Maybe I should put together a play list for the next one if I end up snowbound.

I’m thinking something in the zesty genre. Suggestions?

Living on multiple platforms 

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1. read CW
2. open / read post
3. fully process CW
4. regret
5. repeat

I’ve been away 

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