i can't believe New Horizons is almost a year old and still doesn't have any of the old furniture i used to like. what the hell are they doing? tiny houses, shitty furniture, only 10 villagers? when is this game going to get a real update? are there still no gyroids? what about the Roost? Whta's Going On

The first thought i had this morning was "wait did blender 2.92 come out yet" and that's what motivated me to wake up.

When's the last time you heard someone say "P.U." when they smelled something stinky?

The headline "Final Fantasy VII is getting a Battle Royale Prequel" made me choke with laughter

MLP, G5 

Well... the new generation of My Little Pony is finally here. And it looks like some Blue Sky/Dreamworks bullshit.


i had a dream i was uninvited from a friend's party, then i sang the blues, then i started losing my hair, then i got chased by a great horned owl, then watched a lightning bolt strike a fireworks depot, etc. etc. etc.

I love the nonlinear storytelling of the first few chapters of Mother 3. It feels so novel.


Isn't it weird how the heart has to supply blood to itself?

elon musk 

i hope elon musk kills himself in a big explosion from trying to make "A Beneficial Hydrogen Bomb"

should dogs really be getting butt implants?

Please Nintendo, put it on Switch so i can stream it.

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It's been about a year since i played Mother 3... looks like it's time to start it up again...


I'm really really pushing myself to sweat once a day and it's tough to keep going past that. I can't wait to get Ring Fit Adventure back and have some kind of incentive to exercise.

Mother 3, Music 

The basslines in this game are amazing. I've said this many times before but, it's true.

My favorite exercise is the Super Mario Jump, where you jump up in the air in the Super Mario pose and smash a hole in your ceiling.

I'm supposed to work today but all i've done so far is say "Coban O'Braba" over and over for about an hour.

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