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It's been a big week for the fediverse so i'm doing another introduction and a new Pinned Toot.
I'm boanus. I like anarchy, learning, cartoons, Star Trek, video games, etc.
I have a career in software development (which i hate) that loosely reflects my interest in the theory of computation (which i love).
I use this instance as my tooting-from-work account, but i have two others. A locked account at @boanus for personal/political toots and another public one at @boanus for livetoots.

emotions i never get to feel in my normal daily life are painfully expressed in my dreams. overly sentimental nostalgia, intense anger, everything.
How can anyone be mad about this!? It's so charming, cute, and most importantly: Inexpensive for literal children to play with

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Lesson learned: Make sure you buy the proper mount format for your chips. At least i can use these other ones in a future project...

Oh no! My SSM2210 won't be here until Saturday. I made a miscalculation

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remember buying CDs in stores? didn't need to remember your 100th username and password for yet another store that has your credit card information on file. cold hard cash was considered Normal

The idea of PC games being exclusive through certain stores is fucking "bad"

"Despite the name "growing pains," there is no firm evidence that growing pains are linked to growth spurts."
Are you fucking kidding? How many lies must i sort through before i die?

my biggest work problem is that i struggle so hard to explain how to do something that i just do it myself which is bad

People who genuinely celebrate the Disney-Fox merger are pitiful. The best reaction is that of pants-shitting terror.

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How fucked up is it that we've had nuclear weapons longer than the standard "High-Five"

The Quantum Leap theme song is a perfect fit for the show

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