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It's been a big week for the fediverse so i'm doing another introduction and a new Pinned Toot.
I'm boanus. I like anarchy, learning, cartoons, Star Trek, video games, etc.
I have a career in software development (which i hate) that loosely reflects my interest in the theory of computation (which i love).
I use this instance as my tooting-from-work account, but i have two others. A locked account at @boanus for personal/political toots and another public one at @boanus for livetoots.

3 day weekend = 4 day work week, but
4 day work week > 3 day weekend. I'd rather work less than have more time off

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My ideal chair is mix between the Lisa Simpson ergonomic chair, a dentist's chair, a bar stool, and like a perch for owls

I'm looking for instruments on Craigslist again and everyone is selling marimbas and xylophones right now

I feel like this video hasn't gotten enough love (but i'm also not one to make my toots public) so i'll give some background. A daxophone is simply a flat piece of wood, or tongue, that is bowed like a violin and vibrates to produce noise. You can fret the tongue with a "dax" -- which is just another piece of wood -- to change its pitch. What comes out is something similar in sound to a human voice mixed with a string instrument mixed with a reed instrument mixed with a badger.

Remember when i nearly impulse bought an accordion on Craigslist? what was that all about?

Here's a meetup alternative still in development that i'm going to follow too

Is there any social news/aggregator-type fediverse projects yet? I find it hard to believe that the concept of "subreddits" hasn't found a natural home in a decentralized network.
That said, i think sites like reddit are actually bad, and it's a good thing nobody has tried to make one work

hold music should be timed to end right when the call representative picks up the line again. i don't know how to make that work, but someone out there is clever enough to figure it out

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January 17, 2019
I've been looking through musical instruments on Wikipedia again. I will not be able to work for another month as i explore more and more.

I want to build a daxophone now! But i don't have access to woodworking tools!

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