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In August, i'll do maybe some improv classes, write a few songs, try developing some games, finish my synth project, and write some stuff. I'll analyze some music, maybe do some 3D modeling... i'm excited to have a month set aside to do whatever i want. Try a bunch of things, figure out what i really enjoy doing, and then pursue that as a career.

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It's been a big week for the fediverse so i'm doing another introduction and a new Pinned Toot.
I'm boanus. I like anarchy, learning, cartoons, Star Trek, video games, etc.
I have a career in software development (which i hate) that loosely reflects my interest in the theory of computation (which i love).
I use this instance as my tooting-from-work account, but i have two others. A locked account at @boanus for personal/political toots and another public one at @boanus for livetoots.

Am i intolerably petty for buying a new nonstick pan and hiding it in my room from my housemates?


I hate screaming for a good minute because of a night terror, and then subsequently because I don't know where I am.

if there's one thing i miss about sharing a bed with someone, it's having someone immediately on hand to hold and comfort me when i wake up screaming.

I'm dead tired of sex jokes. sex is only funny because of our taboo on openly talking about sex. "dildo" is not a joke.

i'd say confidently that 99.9999999% of all life on earth are horribly disgusting nightmare creatures, so it's really good that dogs exist.

Gonna try my hardest not to think about how lonely i am.

I really wish the guy who does this channel would get better filming equipment and editing skills because i really like the idea but it needs a touch of professionalism

Slept for about 20 hours. woke up tremendously confused.

i'm having a bad time because i just learned the "c" in proboscis is an "S" sound, not a "K" sound.

It's almost halloween, and usually around this time, Classics of Game, the best YouTube channel around, posts a bunch of videos.

Ahhh nothing like staying up for 24 hours and then falling asleep for just 5

I can't believe it's already 1 pm... i've been working so hard this morning.


mates i gotta tell you i'm so glad i started shaving again.

Staying in a cabin? yeah right! must be a pretty shitty place if its owners don't even live there year round. Pass.

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