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It's been a big week for the fediverse so i'm doing another introduction and a new Pinned Toot.
I'm boanus. I like anarchy, learning, cartoons, Star Trek, video games, etc.
I have a career in software development (which i hate) that loosely reflects my interest in the theory of computation (which i love).
I use this instance as my tooting-from-work account, but i have two others. A locked account at @boanus for personal/political toots and another public one at @boanus for livetoots.

i wish "you make my dreams come true" got stuck in my head more often

The year is winding down and it's almost "Til' Death Do Us Blart" and "Big Fat Quiz" time

lmao i just saw the detective pikachu trailer and lmao

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(Two women with whips... That’s my cue to shut up and act like a good boy...)

Why do i have a very recent memory of going on a roller coaster?

Hey Ten Forward! What do you think the "Cardassian Neck Trick" is?

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fetishization and appropriation of asian culture is so widespread in the west and apparently it's okay

it's so great that, as a japanese american, whenever i try to search for hairstyles i can actually pull off or ethnically relevant body concerns (thanks to my non-western genes) all i get is weeaboo trash and appropriative white fucks

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fame's overrated. take it from me, the finger from Charlie Bit My Finger

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It's amazing how much work i got done this week. It feels like it should only be Wednesday, too. This is what happens with the Pokemon marathon goes on hiatus

over the last month i have pieced together a bunch of things about fracturing. Voronoi Diagrams, Delaunay Triangulation, Modal Analysis, so much linear algebra.
I don't really understand any of it, and nothing has really come out of it, but i'm enjoying this

geometry never felt like "real math" to me when i was in school because it was shapes and i guess i associated that with preschool education. but now i'm using geometry to calculate a regular tetrahedron that encloses a unit sphere all on my own and the thrill of it is the same as any other math problem.

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