King of the Hill 

My mom and i are going to watch King of the Hill for my birthday tomorrow and honestly that is the best present i could get.

I'm still thinking about the Owl House in a way that embarrasses me

MacGruber is officially back and i'm very excited about that. Will Forte is so funny

Writing for TV shows 

I'm trying to sleep a lot right now so i have the mental energy to do some work again and writing sounds like a fun exercise

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Writing for TV shows, DS9 

Write to serve your characters, not so that your perfect plot points are hit. It may be hard with studio pressure pushing you to hit certain deadlines but if you have the freedom to let your characters interact with each other in different interesting ways, do it! See what happens when two different personalities collide, and have fun with it.

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Writing for TV shows, DS9 

Star Trek Deep Space Nine stands out for me because there were so many well written characters with clear personality traits but complex motivations and the writers were not afraid to mix them around and let them interact with other characters naturally. I feel like a lot of writers want to set clear milestones for their characters but that ends up preventing organic growth and relationships.

For someone who slept basically all day, i sure posted a lot

This may make me sound fucked but i would love to get a bunch of purified human pheromones and just smell them and see how they affect me

Ren & Stimpy 

not going to lie, the Log commercials actually kind of made me want a log as a toy.

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Ren & Stimpy, John K 

I've decided to ignore everything i can about John K and just watch the show and enjoy it as best i can.

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it's amazing what fourteen hours of sleep can do for you for the brain

It's going to stick because it's shit and shit is sticky.

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Oh cool, another new Muppets television show. This one is sure to stick.

looking forward to Toy Story 5 where all the characters are replaced by Precious Moments figurines

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