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In August, i'll do maybe some improv classes, write a few songs, try developing some games, finish my synth project, and write some stuff. I'll analyze some music, maybe do some 3D modeling... i'm excited to have a month set aside to do whatever i want. Try a bunch of things, figure out what i really enjoy doing, and then pursue that as a career.

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It's been a big week for the fediverse so i'm doing another introduction and a new Pinned Toot.
I'm boanus. I like anarchy, learning, cartoons, Star Trek, video games, etc.
I have a career in software development (which i hate) that loosely reflects my interest in the theory of computation (which i love).
I use this instance as my tooting-from-work account, but i have two others. A locked account at @boanus for personal/political toots and another public one at @boanus for livetoots.

Death Stranding 

Death Stranding 

This documentary is great. I think i'm going to try to see him live sometime this next year

"Don't Worry, Be Happy" isn't the first thing that comes to mind when i think of Bobby McFerrin, either. Which is weird. But the story behind it makes me appreciate it a lot more.

I don't know a lot about Bobby McFerrin but every time i see him doing anything, or saying anything, or performing in anything, i'm utterly enchanted.

I'm watching clips from That 70s Show and i just remembered i had a dream about Mila Kunis last night but at one point i referred to her as Mila "Seegus"

Is there a way to block all YouTube videos that are Titled "X but it's Y" because they're all terrible

Frantically bursting into Frasier's living room 

Why are, like, a million Mister Rogers videos being recommended to me.

At a dinosaur exhibit in a natural history museum God damn they're back one last time and they made the greatest video on all of YouTube

If i can jump out of a plane i can cancel my appointments.

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