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Hi! This is my general purpose account
for politics check out
for livetooting and screenshots try

why is hannibal buress on this episode of 8 out of 10 cats

does anyone here play Star Trek Online? I'm giving it a go again with a new character and I'm not taking it seriously

for some reason i remembered and am watching the episode of Home Movies where McGuirk tries to organize a dinner party with the other adults

that wraps up my fallout new vegas pacifist hardcore mode very hard difficulty run. it was surprisingly easy and i didn't do everything i wanted to do but i really enjoyed it. might try doing fallout 4 pacifist next...

At the final battle. New Vegas pacifist run (hardcore mode) is nearing completion!

gonna try Old World Blues DLC again. pacifist, level 28, hopefully this one goes better

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I'm watching a DK64 TAS that was uploaded to niconico and at this point the DK RAP starts playing for some reason, so naturally the comments start joining in

Wow i was looking at my achievements and this is, from last year, how long it took me to get through honest hearts. Started the DLC on may 21st, finished on July 13th. Same thing happened during my current pacifist run because it's buggy, it's frustrating, and it makes playing a chore.

8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown has a women's suffrage special that i need to watch now

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I don't like people sharing music with me and i don't like sharing music with others because i feel shame about my tastes since people are assholes about subjective things but... i've been feeling brave lately and i really like this song

more fallout streaming

someone had a "Free Camper" parked on the side of the detour busway and i can't imagine what condition it must be to be "free" but i can't say i haven't been thinking about taking it constantly since i saw it

forgot my phone cable AGAIN like the world's greatest jerk.

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using a memory palace to learn the Pokérap