Star Trek actor death 

I just heard from my dad that Aron Eisenberg died and I'm surprised no one here at Ten Forward has said anything about it.

Nog had maybe the best character arc in DS9. His growth between the pilot and finale was more interesting than Jake's. Ferengi were mostly used for comedic plots but Nog had an emotional depth that was unseen before Deep Space Nine. His species became among my favorite thanks to him and Rom rejecting traditional Ferengi values.

Star Trek actor death 

(credit also lies with Armin Shimerman, who, despite playing the most conservative Ferengi, played a huge role in giving all the Ferengi more character. He would routinely invite all the Ferengi actors, including guest actors, over to his house to develop a more believable culture)

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Star Trek actor death 

@boanus This is unbelievably sad news. I'm so sorry to hear this. Aron Eisenberg brought such humanity to his role as Nog. And like you pointed out, Nog had an unusually rich character arc. I had just been thinking about it when I saw What We Left Behind. Going to have to watch a few of those episodes in his honor.

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