Sparring partner first, romantic partner second. This is my ideal relationship

Sailor Moon 

Ugh, going on the subreddit was a bad idea. I want Sailor Moon merchandise now...They have these Hand Sanitizer holders at Target and i can't...

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Sailor Moon 

Also it's Makoto Kino's birthday today! Happy birthday, fictional character!

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Sailor Moon, reddit 

I think i got to reddit maybe 3 times a year at most (because reddit sucks lol!!!) but the Sailor Moon subreddit is really chill and cool

Getting sucked into a parallel universe where everyone is a mommy...

I have never been sarcastically called "Pretty Boy" by one of my enemies or rivals and that makes me very sad.

I wish i was as tenacious as this. My goal for the next year is to stop giving up so easily.

Show thread This guy has been trying to clear a Mario Maker level for over a month, over 60 hours of attempts. It's fascinating to watch.

Sailor Moon 

i'm so mad about COPPA on YouTube. i can't even save this video to my favorites playlist even though it belongs there.

@kelty good. i welcome the challenge. it's fun to go AWOL

censorship of sexual imagery vs violence 

jerma makes a good point, it's strange how violent video games can be, and how it's acceptable to stream them, but people get suspended over two seconds of nudity.


They just released version 6.0 of the Zelda Ocarina of Time Randomizer. How fun!

Using the power of science to invent my own girlfriensd.

Evil School 

I know it sounds more evil to mistreat your henchpeople but consider implementing good quality health care and pensions for your employees. Some traditional villains seem to think cronies are an endless, expendable resource, but quality ones are hard to come by. Treat them well and they will serve you for years.

She can defeat cosmic horrors but her powers are based around magic crystals, so she doesn't have innate strength.

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