Wax impaction in my ears requiring the reduction of time spent with earbuds in plus official documentation of my photophobia equals me buying a set of Bose Frames. Best. Thing. Ever!

Big prediction for iOS15: a feature will be launched where you train your Memoji and do battle against other memojis. It will become a sporting event.

I live in Florida and want to be able to moderate my website, so I’m building a theme park called Planet Changeling with green aliens, dragons, and gender-bending avatars everywhere!

Does anyone know where the like button is on Spotify for desktop? I can’t find it with my screen reader anymore.

Got the second shot yesterday. The official countdown is under way.

I just realized that my Apple ID was 10 years old in March. My first iPhone’s name was Monica. What a fun time it was!

In the age of social distancing, volunteering in my community doesn’t need to mean my local community. I’ve just become a mod for one of the Discord servers in which I participate, and it’s awesome!

I’m pretty sure that my discovery of Truly Hard Seltzer is the most awesome thing to come out of 2021 so far.

Hey @Discord? I pay for my iPhone, I pay for a Nitro subscription, and I help test for A11y. You don’t have the right to just pull my access to content when I’m over 18.

Does anyone know if ZenDesk Plus gets along with screen readers? Asking for a friend.

I made it through the rain of less than websites, and am officially scheduled for both shots. The end is nigh! reference.

I am officially giving up on mIRC. It is the most furstrating software experience I’ve had in a long while.

Just went through setting mIRC, and now I really really really love Discord.

I am currently reevaluating the role of social media in my life. Thank you for your patience.

PSA: People who identify as , , or do not share the same outlook on life as those who identify as . Learn some things. Be a good human.

Life is an experiment. I reserve the right to make changes as I see fit.


This is a test of new Starship changeling communication protocols. if you’re reading this, I might actually know what I’m doing.

The Starship Changeling now has a Facebook page. Find it at changeling.mx/facebook.

Clubhouse is so last week, and I’m trying to win a weightless container that exists in a universe in which I do not exist. It's your weekly Changeling for March 12, 2021. changeling.mx/izc

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