I am moving my Mastodon to changeling@mastodon.starshipchangeling.net. I will configure the redirect shortly, but you can follow now.

I will be switching Mastodon instances soon. I will let everyone know when it happens and where to follow.

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waking up like...

Shields Down: Recharge Immediately

Damage Detected

Changeling warns you that there are texts coming from several different numbers claiming to be from ATT that thank you for paying your bill and offer a gift. Changeling is quite sure these are fake.

Changeling is finally okay with removing Toot! from their phone and just using Metatext for their Mastodon client.

Accidentally left South Park Changeling accidentally left South Park streaming all night, so their dreams made fun of society and taught valuable lessons at the same time.

I’ve come to the realization that I need to thin out the number of Discord servers I’m a part of. I only check into a couple. It’s just so easy to let them pile up.

One upside to still working from home is I won’t feel compelled to torture my office mates with my off key caterwauling of tunes. … Let’s have a moment of silence for my imaginary friends, however.

Never got around to watching this, so I thought now was as good a time as any. > I thought you might like “Hamilton” on Disney+. disneyplus.com/movies/hamilton

Sometimes I get into situations where someone is giving me a lot of information and asking me lots of questions, and the only way I can think of to answer the question is “Whichever answer gets you to stop talking for ten to fifteen minutes.” Tip: People don’t take it well when you give... starshipchangeling.net/2328-2/

Today, Changeling discovered that corroded batteries feel extremely icky and make their fingers smell like a public toilet. New batteries have just been ordered.

Thanks to the works of T.J. Klune, I have now pre-ordered more books this year than ever before. is the latest on this list.

Changeling watches the general discourse of people on social media and decides that watching classic cartoons and collecting ’90s toys doesn’t make one childish. A movie marathon just may be in order.

If you’ve been seeing the ads for Popeye’s new chicken nuggets and were wondering about them, I can name 10 other restaurants that serve better nugs. I kid you not.

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