Do you think this is what they mean when they say they want us to wear face masks?

Since virtual meetings have removed all transportation barriers for me, I've decided to try and virtually visit all 50 states. Please repost and invite me to your live events.

Changeling's Guide to Discord for Screen Reader Users has been updated to reflect the exciting new changes. You'll want to pay close attention to sections dealing with the user interface. I'll be adding something new to the guide as a whole next week.

In just under an hour and 45 minutes, i'll be streaming some Jackbox games in my Discord server, starting with you Don't know Jack. Join the server at

Tomorrow at high noon Eastern, I'll be going live in my Discord server with some Jackbox Games. You can join the server at

As public gatherings continue to be shut down, there is a thing called that helps you keep in touch, and without a lot of social media baggage. It works with screen readers. Find out how at

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if you can't organize offline, there is a need for organizing entertainment to combat loneliness and depression. think about online events you can organize for friends, older folx, kiddos, etc. movie nights, game streams, book discussions, stitch n' bitch sessions, the possibilities are endless

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Question for anybody who uses a screenreader or other accessibility software on GNU/Linux, or knows anything about them: What DE/WM should I recommend to someone who wants to try using one?
I have a friend who's blind and deaf, and his main system runs Debian with no gui installed. He uses BRLTTY to read his TTY with a mechanical braille display.
He also has two windows systems that he uses for some things, with NVDA and JAWS set to output to his braille display.
He emailed me recently saying that he's fed up with a lot of the things Microsoft is doing with Windows 10, and he wants to try using a GUI on his Debian system so he can browse websites that won't work from a terminal browser, and do other things that he's using the windows computers for right now.
Has anyone tried using a few DEs with a screenreader? I think anything that works well with a screenreader should work with his braille device. boosts appreciated

Asexual Dating Apps, People being Foolish 

I just realized I live in a world where i get to choose to believe that people remembered my birthday on their own or saw it on Facebook and pretended to remember, and the result is my birthday present is it's so easy to give people the benefit of the doubt for 24 hours.

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if you released blazing saddles today, people would be furious. they would say "wait, ive already seen this, this is just a shot-for-shot remake of blazing saddles"

Just told my office mate I was looking forward to his being out of the office later this week so I could keep the lights off. he nicely informed me the lights in this office have never worked, and I've just been flipping the switch for no reason.

Heads-up! If you’re one of those accounts that has status updates in your display name, like X is going to Y event, I’m hitting the unfollow button faster then the A&B buttons when you get knocked down in mike Tyson’s Punch Out!. Ain’t nobody got time to listen to the same sentence over and over.

I just want to take a few bytes of your Internet to thank the people who interact with my stuff on social media and, by extension, my website. it's been a year since I officially joined the , and each interaction makes the project worth my time.

From the Starship Changeling with a URL+ 

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just a reminder to please please PLEASE use an image description whenever you can, even if it's literally as short as "a pic of me" or "me" or "cat" it makes the website more accessible to everyone and is a feature that's very easy to use! there's even an automatic caption generator in the image description field (it's in the "edit" secton if you click "detect text from picture")

Blindness, language limits 

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please join me in spreading the false propaganda that Super Mario is based on ancient Sumerian myths.

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