Changelings Guide to Discord for screen reader users has been updated to reflect some improvements. Attention should be given to the scection on text and voice chatting. Find the guide at

@changeling are you working on Mastodon guide? If so, I have a few accessible app suggestions. Where could I edit or suggest links? One of them is Toot. IOS. Tusky for Android. Pinafore for a web client. TW Blue is working on a Mastodon version.

@weirdwriter I've ended up suspending my work on the Mastodon guide. The interest in the Discord guide is much higher, and I'm only one person. I've heard of all of these, but just never wrote them in.

@weirdwriter Although, after looking at the updated Toot client, I may need to step in and finish. This is quite impressive, and I can finally rid myself of Amaroq.

@changeling If you'd like me to help write this chapter, share the Google Doc with me. I'd also be happy to take it over if you can't absolutely finish it. But yes. There's a few unlabeled buttons when viewing a toot, but I will file those bugs soon, if you don't want to do it? :) The repo is on github.

@weirdwriter I should be able. I was a fair way along and then life got in the way. Also, people just kept spamming me with messages to the affect of we're not interested, so stop wasting your time.

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