Join me at the top of the hour for the continuation of @SequenceStorm. Also, there may be an announcement or two regarding certain guides for using certain products with screen readers... But I can neither conform nor deny.

@changeling Could you give me your YouTube channel link? I've been wanting to get into Twitch, but FireFox doesn't like javascript heavy things very well! I hope I can play Sequence Storm after this Windows update because I've been itching to install it on my home laptop, but was too lazy to download gaming stuff like DLL's and otherwise it keeps saying I don't have. LOL!

@weirdwriter I can, but you should know I don't live stream to YT. I usually upload the videos after the fact.

@changeling did that is totally fine, send me the YouTube link, as a matter of fact, my schedule is way too crazy to watch a stream live anyway. ☺️

@changeling I've been playin around with Sable all week! Made 2 games so far. Gonna make my video today if I can find some accessible recording software. I use NVDA.

@weirdwriter OBS will let you record, but you have to configure each individual source. You could also just have a Zoom meeting of one and record it that way.

@changeling I found an accessible screen recorder! Only issue is that I can't change hotkeys in the GUI. The screen reader gets stuck. Other than that, works great for Windows.

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