Tonight at 5 Eastern, join me for a stream of . Never played, so I'm just flying by the seat of my pants. Watch and chat at

Finally decided what game I want to stream tomorrow. hint: It's accessible with screen readers, and its main characters are all girls. Tune in tomorrow at 5p.m. Eastern to find out.

I have still not worked out my streaming issues, it seems, but i have determined the problem seems to be with OBS itself. What other alternatives are available? And... GO!

The good news is I got my streaming issues fixed. The better news is you can join me tomorrow at 11a.m. Eastern for the continuation of code7. Tune in at

Since my Internet went down faster than my scores in Crazy Party last nnight, I'll be trying to stream again tonight. Join me at 5p.m. Eastern for some MK11. Watch at

Going live at the top of the hour with some MK11. Come watch at

After thinking about it, I've decided I'm going to move the streams to Sundays at 11 a.m. Eastern. Tonight at 5 p.m., join me for some MK11.

@weirdwriter OBS will let you record, but you have to configure each individual source. You could also just have a Zoom meeting of one and record it that way.

Doing a reread of The Dresden Files before the drop of the new book in July. Not counting short story collections, I have 16 books to go through. Let's do this thing.

@weirdwriter I can, but you should know I don't live stream to YT. I usually upload the videos after the fact.

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Join me at the top of the hour for the continuation of @SequenceStorm. Also, there may be an announcement or two regarding certain guides for using certain products with screen readers... But I can neither conform nor deny.

Tonight at 5 Eastern, join me for the continuation of @SequenceStorm. https;//

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did you assume that reality-as-you-percieve-it is the same as reality-in-itself? if so, you may be entitled to compensation

@weirdwriter I should be able. I was a fair way along and then life got in the way. Also, people just kept spamming me with messages to the affect of we're not interested, so stop wasting your time.

@weirdwriter Although, after looking at the updated Toot client, I may need to step in and finish. This is quite impressive, and I can finally rid myself of Amaroq.

@weirdwriter I've ended up suspending my work on the Mastodon guide. The interest in the Discord guide is much higher, and I'm only one person. I've heard of all of these, but just never wrote them in.

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