Asexual Dating Apps, People being Foolish 

I just realized I live in a world where i get to choose to believe that people remembered my birthday on their own or saw it on Facebook and pretended to remember, and the result is my birthday present is it's so easy to give people the benefit of the doubt for 24 hours.

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if you released blazing saddles today, people would be furious. they would say "wait, ive already seen this, this is just a shot-for-shot remake of blazing saddles"

Just told my office mate I was looking forward to his being out of the office later this week so I could keep the lights off. he nicely informed me the lights in this office have never worked, and I've just been flipping the switch for no reason.

Heads-up! If you’re one of those accounts that has status updates in your display name, like X is going to Y event, I’m hitting the unfollow button faster then the A&B buttons when you get knocked down in mike Tyson’s Punch Out!. Ain’t nobody got time to listen to the same sentence over and over.

I just want to take a few bytes of your Internet to thank the people who interact with my stuff on social media and, by extension, my website. it's been a year since I officially joined the , and each interaction makes the project worth my time.

From the Starship Changeling with a URL+ 

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just a reminder to please please PLEASE use an image description whenever you can, even if it's literally as short as "a pic of me" or "me" or "cat" it makes the website more accessible to everyone and is a feature that's very easy to use! there's even an automatic caption generator in the image description field (it's in the "edit" secton if you click "detect text from picture")

Blindness, language limits 

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please join me in spreading the false propaganda that Super Mario is based on ancient Sumerian myths.

I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve decided that what we need is Manamon Go. You could do it with bone conduction headphones.

That moment when your screen reader stops responding to keystrokes in the middle of a webpage, and you yell out, "I've done it! i've reached the end of the Internet!"

ghosting vs gaslighting 

ghosting vs gaslighting 

For my own sanity, I'm getting super-picky about who I follow on all my socail media. At this point, it would be easier to get an app approved by apple's Appstore than to get me to follow you.

So yeah... I wrote a guide to for users. The link is on my metadata profile, which is how I get around reposting the same link and coming off as spammy.

@checkervest Kind of like when rides break down at Disney World and nobody's focusing all their energy on being disagreeable.

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