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I think it's a good time to remind everyone that every once in a while it's good to look at ppls bio's and read them and see if something has changed.

like pronouns
oo oo
or when they say NO DM'S UNLESS WE'RE MUTUALS

so you don't, you know, cross boundaries.

just saying

Nuclear launch codes. Do not open.:) 

I am 33.
I am not too old for very short shorts, T-Shirts with funny prints, Pokémon, video games, fangirling, showing affection, electronic music, colorful hair, comics, superheroes, <you name it>,
because, however, I am too old for all those fucks to be given. ☝️

Hey Fedi, question: I really dislike titles, and a form is requiring that I provide one. I don't mind "Mx" and "Ind.", but being cis, I don't want to appropriate something that is more used by enby and agender folks.
Do you feel like I'd be appropriating? Would you object to a (slightly non-conforming) cis dude using them? Do you know of a title that just really means "titles are stupid"?
Boosts ok.

happy canada day

canada has done and continues to do some real fucked up shit to minorities and indigenous peoples and memes about how canada is some sort of utopia of equality irritate me

I think it's silly for cis people to worry about appropriating stuff from trans people and/or non-binary people. Unless you're appropriating claims to oppression that don't apply (and tbh w/ gnc cis ppl they might actually apply) then go hog wild with your presentation, clothing, accessories, pronouns, titles, names, whatever.

We don't want to just create an expanded but equally rigid system of gender. We want everyone to be liberated from the strict gender system that controls our behaviors

mental health 

Talking About Crossposting 

Spent too much time with , and now I just have this impulse to shout out, "Taste my blade!" (

Taking a class on accessible multimedia, and the instructor was going on about how you can capitalize the first letter of each word in a hashtag, like Vs. , and I was like, Yeah, I’ve been telling people about this for at least…

Hey, I cut my hair and my mood immediately drastically improved but that also means I now need all the attention so please look at my images and favourite this toot. Thank you. I'm kitten.

Last pic is selfie attempts I didn't like.

Selfies eye contact

I remember when mouse emulation was a concept that I responded to with, That’s cool, but when would I actually use it? It’s now a tool I use daily. (

Neurodiversity thoughts 

Decided to take a break from and play some . Does anyone remember PaRappa the Rapper?


Does anyone remember what that Apple II emulator with all the blindness specific games was called and where I can find it? I’m feeling a bit nostalgic.


When I’m looking at people’s Twitter threads in a client that doesn’t display threads, it feels like i’m watching one of those shows where lots of things happen at once and nothing works out for nobody.


iOS13 public beta broke Google Play Music, so experimenting with YouTube music. Mixtape is stuck on Set It Off and NSYNC. I’d like to say I’m unhappy with this, but sorry, Professor, I must not tell lies.


If you need me, I’ll be searching for doughnuts in the wilderness.


Haven’t posted in awhile, but I wanted people to make sure I was alive, and when i got to the status box, I found I still had nothing to say, but the algorithm demands my input, so here ya go, Interweb.


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