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Did you know that Discord is useable with screen readers? Find out how at

Changeling's Guide to Discord for Screen Reader Users: Navigating the User interface and User Settings.

Discovered while writing the next installment of Changeling's Guide to Discord for screen reader users: you can use elements lists to move around the interface, and avoid getting stuck in random pop up areas. Find the guide in progress at

Changeling's Guide to discord for Screen readers has its own page. Find it at

Considering putting together a guide for Discord for screen reader users. The Mastodon was well received.

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There are only five #Irish #folk songs.
1. I drank loads last night and I regret nothing
2. I met a lovely fair girl and she was fair and lovely
3. We will fight the Brits for ever and ever and ever.
4. I have left Ireland and shall never be happy again.
5. Those fucking fairies.

You know you're doing physical therapy right when you almost fall down and scare the lady on the exercise bike, but I'm in a balance harness and my therapist and I were just like, yeah, it happens. Nothing to see here, folks.

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Captcha idea: ask a question that's ridiculously hard to answer. If you answer it correctly you're considered a robot.

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My personal trainer rolled her eyes at me, sighed, and is now calmly surveying the various equipment around the gym... When should I start to worry?

This morning, I made the discovery that none of my digital voice assistants know how to respond to the phrase, "You're a towel." They are all equally worthless now.

Had my first ever encounter with a fragrance free facility today. While booking the appointment, they told me about it. I don't wear that stuff, but I didn't realize it was a real thing.

New iPhone is here and set up. The camera improvements for users have me wanting to reinvestigate .

now works with siri shortcuts, so now I can say "Siri, add them to The Algorithm." to program someone into the app's facial recognition and sound like a mad scientist.

MH, Sixth Sense Spoiler 

Just to put my state of well being into perspective for you, Wendy's substituted my chicken nuggets for a chicken sandwich without asking me, and my reaction... Well, I was way calmer when I found out Bruce Willis was dead all along.

Remember when I was dabbling in last summer? Well, the AI I use to analyze pictures saved me from a catfish. They sent me a pic of them that when analyzed turned out to be Sophia Forson, the actress.

Progress with my personal Discord server: Added a bot for my own amusement; learned how to create roles; learned to create categories and put channels in the categories.

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