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@ queer creators

im a budding musician & wanna practice more, but have trouble finishing tracks, so i want deadlines

if you're making something, & you want free thematic music, & don't mind if it sounds generic/amateurish

dm me! i don't want money, just deadlines & prompts :3

boosts encouraged! :boost_ok:

and on the built in microphone of a MacBook

this weeks episode of shades of brown was recorded over 1 bar of LTE

that's how app design, native or web, should be done

even if content can't be loaded the UI should be fully interactive after an initial load even if connectivity is weak

mastodon itself has surprisingly gotten better on shit connections but twitter's new PWA is actually the best, everything but new tweets will load immediately when opening the page on a shit connection

all of the ui caches itself after an initial load and appears almost instantly

what's using discord on a bad network connection like?

the app will randomly go to this screen in the middle of you typing a message

sorry for electron discoursing but hey, at least with a native app I can keep the app open if my internet connection poops out

this toot has been brought to you by me living on mobile data for the last week

privilege is being able to watch youtube at 4k with no bandwidth issues

I'm genuinely not questioning this as I've been tethering all week

turns out most of my time being in boston actually has had me on a farm

oh turns out it'd a Negima! Magister Negi Magi shirt

is this problematic?

I picked up this anime shirt at Uniqlo as a test to see if I can wear anime shirts in public and still be cute

I then realize I do not know what this anime is lmao

not going to lie though some of the best songs you can find online are like X ARTIST TYPE BEAT



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