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I still love most of you though

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real talk though im going to be extremely honest most if not all of the fediverse is on the short leash for shit im willing to put up with so please realize that I no longer care about my brand and will clap on white people being silly

like obviously good intentions are something I still hope we all have but I've seen how some of you been acting since I've been gone and im not about that kind of shit

chosacoin is going to save the world

not that
interesting of a

I subscribe to an extreme theory of self identity but I’m just going off of feelings and I’m not really educated on any of this philosophical stuff

if there is a multiverse and there’s an earth 2, please hit me up world 2 chosa I have questions

I dunno tho there’s probably flaws in this theory

real talk I never really understood the idea that you can’t be the things you want to be, like I understand that sometimes humans try and like fight other people from being themselves, but like I open a drawing app and draw a thing and that’s not a thing that ever existed before and we're creating something brand new

and I take that same view for myself, if I say I’m a thing I am that thing because I said it and I’m the only me to have existed to this point so the creation is validation

chosa is iconic because I said so and if you say you’re iconic then bitch u iconic too

you: good makeup and other beauty standards shit

me: hair all fucked up getting the tissues out over anime wearing a baggy t shirt wearing a face mask



my love story! Was great and no one can tell me otherwise

everyday wake up and pray for a love real as my boy Takeo and Rinko tbh

chosa “cries while watching cartoons at the laptop” fine

I want an epilogue tho, like it ends on a great note but look I just want like a 20 minute happy nothingness to follow it up lol

im 20 years later to this party but holy fuck your name thoooo

it should be illegal for apple to charge twice for the sub and dub of a movie, they should be the same entry

so mastodon tell me, subbed or dubbed for your name?

I'm thinking dub

oh hey it's finally on the iTunes Store

I think I'm finally going to watch your name tonight

lets see if it's still disgustingly hard to acquire legally in the us