alright time to try this migration feature, if it breaks, i’m sorry lol

i want to try the new account migration feature hmmm

i donates that laptop i think a while ago, i should probably check to my closet to see if it’s still in there because i can’t remember

i still own the cr-48 tho

ubuntu 9.04 on that shitty hp laptop i had, 1gjg of ram and a core2duo, shitty intel integrated graphics that couldn’t even run nexus (or whatever that foss shooter was called)

sometime this month it’s been a decade since i first installed linux

happy birthday to chosa

(installing linux and hopping on irc is when chosa was born like if i’m able to segment parts of my life by eras of identity or something)

remember when linux mint originally announced a rolling release Debian version and we all got super hyped for it?

imagine a nintendo switch with usb 4, you can have a gpu built into the dock for enchanced graphics on docked play

like if we bring up the 4 axis political chart, i should be using firefox as that's where I line up with

but god the custom scrolling implementation in macos is so bad and i know it's so vain of me to not like a browser for that but fuck it

responsive scrolling is important in 2019

one day usb 4 will be everywhere and the whole world will get the best of thunderbolt 3 without the royalties and thats when we start living different

i imagine modern linux server management is like using react and node to make a static blog engine

i’m not gonna lie i use linux on servers like it’s 2010

no docker, none of this fancy new stuff, just like a lamp stack and bad bash scripts

pol, tech stuff 

pol, tech stuff 

aha you're so sexy please don't delete your account that you haven't logged into for four years that we use to inflate our user count on investor calls

my favorite time of the year: deleting accounts I no longer use!!!

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