Today in chosa I discover gaming computers

holy shit black ops four runs surprisingly well, everything on high half native res at 60fps

apparently black ops 3 has a native Mac version that is metal, oooooh I need to try this out

also every visual novel but clannad is on macOS and that makes me sad

I actually think gaming is better on linux rn than macOS

this is my first time owning clicks keys and I am in love

I ran into this fun thing with the eGPU where it looks like vsync is turn off for my entire desktop because there is screen tearing on moving windows

I genuinely want to get the pink Razer headset that comes with the kitty ears

not going to lie the only reason I got the Razer core x / kb / m combo is because I don't know anything about gaming accessories and iv'e heard about razer

the one thing I'm trying to figure is if I can get the Razer core on my floor because this means I might need to find a new setup for the podcasts as an arm mounted mic won't work

I should probably install windows but tbh all I would be playing on there is overwatch, I'm mostly gonna be using this egpu for some video stuff I've done for work and mmo's

FF 14 runs well without even the egpu oooh, (I mean by well, 30fps locked at half of native 2560x1600 or whatever MacBook pros run at)

I finally saw into the spider verse today and that art style is amazing, like I genuinely fuck with how they spun animating comic book styles of art


the gpu I picked up is a rx580, mainly because I need something that can be used in macOS natively and windows

this means I can now PC game with you nerds

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