nice things 

But I mean I am still down to have a chosa con, this time it’ll just be a “chosa and frens con”

I’m now remembering that chosa con joke and fuck 2017 chosa was SO GOOD


I also saw Khalid in concert on Friday and tbh I knew like none of his songs buuuut it still was an enjoyable time

The new Xfce release genuinely has me excited, now I can have hdpi support while using less than a gig of ram

I consolidated all my domains into one, took the blog offline (bless static for the idea) and am thinking about archiving Stipes Radio

blog link prolly don't work because Tumblr

updated the copy on my site again and consolidated somethings

Part of me wants to pick up some cheap ass computers and use it for like home server stuff

you ever think to yourself how many cheap computers you can get with like atoms and stuff?

I mean I know it's less stuff then before but theres dope stuff

I made a new Tumblr account and I honestly am surprised there is still so much good stuff on there

in which I scream about headphones 

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