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@chosafine from my own personal experience especially with minority families parents do *not* often think there is value in doing creative stuff (compared to studying for a tech qualification, or just doing a "proper job").

Maybe times have changed slightly, but I'm not entirely sure thats the case, given the demographics of who seems to get social media fame (which isn't even really a sustainable career any more than "old style" media was by the 1990s)

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@chosafine OK this is perhaps "chapeau de tinfoil" thinking, but I sometimes wonder if the media deliberately want to play down the "bad news" as their entire industry is cannibalising itself; but there is still a remnant market to keep young people chasing their dreams of celebrity from sellers of AV equipment, University/college courses etc..

Also a lot of these social media "stars" seem to be middle class kids who still live with/close to supportive parents >>

I mean tinder fucking / dating is always me using my acting skills and playing silly cis boy because straight cis girls get oddly spooked by anything but machismo (in my own personal expirence, I’m 6ft and built like a football player so I guess they expect a stereotype)


Like tinder has objectively lead to more ass or whatever but the florts on masto are more fun and stuff

I’ve had more pleasant flirting interactions on here versus tinder and that’s strange when I think about it

My battery just went from 95% to 98% and I’m not on a charger wtf

My problem with the you tuber burnout stories is that no one ever mentions that these are people who got a fuck ton of money from ads and have a cushion so they can take a break

I’d rather the stories be focused on people who are burnt out but can’t take a break because rent, it’s wrong to forget about them

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maybe no one listened tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t track those metrics

I for one am disappointed at the lack of discourse from this episode of shades of brown!!! Woulda thought me grandstanding about Input methods would at least get a subtoot

sometimes I just wanna hunker down and make shit

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Tbh the fact that federation works as well as it does it kinda magical

I used to think we should have editable toots and then I read a lot about databases and oooh noooope

Too much can go wrong

the more you learn about databases the more you learn that you actually never in fact want to make data in a document editable when it scales up because of the 10 million things that can go wrong

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