this might be literally the most not chosa question to ask but:

do any of y'all know a reliable way to load a custom script in an electron app every time it loads?

would it be best to modify the app package myself or like is there a cleaner way of doing it?

(I literally just need to hide some elements with js)

@chosafine can you get it to load ublock origin somehow?

@chosafine I've no idea how electron actually works but I heard it's just like chromium

@SoniEx2 electron has chrome extensions ripped out of it so nah

@chosafine there’s a tool called nativefier that lets you, to some extent, take electron apps with a website-frontend to them, and insert basically whatever the fuck you want in that electron app, on the desktop (see page here

I only used it for windows, and discord and a few other things though, and with minimal tweaking, so sadly i cant offer much help beyond a point toward the tool itself

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