@chosafine fun fact: the early internet was programmed so that if more than 20% of the population said they weren't ready for the Internet, the entire system would delete itself along with all digital copies of its planning documents so that the Internet could never be made again

@HTHR @chosafine
After a hundred years of operation, the Matrix's stability degrades, threatening a system crash that would kill every single inhabitant within the Matrix. Therefore, the Matrix must be reloaded...

@chosafine I'm sure it's pretty obvious that people who are definitely not ready for the internet will never click "I'm not ready". >20 years of removing malware have made that rampantly obvious to me.

@chosafine back when they gave you a choice instead of automatically connecting to any and all networks and phoning home on first startup .. gotta check for updates too.

@chosafine Nobody is. Whom am I to say otherwise… 🤔

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