there's this random preset called "digital" in Pixelmator pro and lmao I should want to not like it but it might actually work

I wanna make a pod about internet culture stuff so I did a little glitchy thing on retro-ish looking text set

probably needs some more work tho

interesting, ads for people selling them getting you a certain gun in destiny

sounds like a waste of money tbh

finally beat the Shadowkeep campaign, it was so good

this was definitely not a campaign for people who aren't already invested in the game but I think since they split forsaken and Shadowkeep into their own things that makes sense

new players should get forsaken for the cinematic campaign but people invested in the game will be happy with Shadowkeep

game devs: subscription services are bad it will kill games!!!

also game devs:

selfie eye contact 

what's using discord on a bad network connection like?

the app will randomly go to this screen in the middle of you typing a message

sorry for electron discoursing but hey, at least with a native app I can keep the app open if my internet connection poops out

gamer joke with an arguable ableist word in it (I honestly don't remember if it is or not) 

animoji photo 

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