I've now moved onto the next stage of watching anime, reading the original light novels

i’m just like making things that are fun for me and not without any grandiose meaning and it’s great

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there's this random preset called "digital" in Pixelmator pro and lmao I should want to not like it but it might actually work

intrusive thought phrase shitpost, probably not horny but something like that 

there's this random preset called "digital" in Pixelmator pro and lmao I should want to not like it but it might actually work

I like, just like looking at this as is tho which I think makes it good enough but idk

I've been out of the making graphic design-ish things game for a while now

I wanna make a pod about internet culture stuff so I did a little glitchy thing on retro-ish looking text set

probably needs some more work tho

1am on a Friday anyone up

wanna share a draft of a new show art I've been working on

as much as I want to be like. "yeah I'm the most individual individual fuck algorithmically generated playlists" Spotify and Apple Music know too well the kind of music I like and its spooky

the generated "oh you'd love this" playlists are just too on point

random D1 spoilers 

it's ridiculous about how expensive things get if they have a usb-c connector on them, I needed to get a usb A hub today and finding a USB C one that is affordable and not super sketchy was difficult

I ended up just getting a usb a to usb a hub and used a usb c to a dongle on it

@leftie i dunno what your situation is but honestly outside of my headphones all of my audio gear is used and like still works amazingly well

I know good audio is a hole you can fall into forever but i hope you can hit your goals eventually!! because it's a good place to be

if you have a g-sync monitor does windows scale the displays refresh rate when you're watching video??

(actual question idk how these things work)

@tom tho honestly who knows sound is so subjective

@tom like hear me out, the compression artifacts sound different when they come out of logic

i think the algorithm for it is different or something

@tom real talk i think i can now tell the difference between LAME encoded MP3s and the non open source compression thing that logic pro uses

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