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I gotta get a mastodon smash group going sometime

lets smash fam

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@c0debabe wait are you saying everyone doesn’t have a bundle of content that pops out when they take off their pants!??

for reference I am neither a girl or boy I’m chosa

I am many things but confused on gender is not one of them

now if you said I’m confused on the wide assortment of bigoted people out there in the world then you would be correct

This is what I get for trying to be friends with the straights

I straight up told her the gender binary sucks and all I get is a “well agree to disagree” lmaoooo what

My coworker said I’m confused today and that I sometimes think I’m a girl and like what lmao

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God, why?

This week is CES. Pray for @staticsafe & @chosafine

Shades OF Brown Episode 79: 8K + AI + 5G + TOILET

smart TVs are glorified electron boxes send toot

chosa is coming through with subtoots tonight folks

cough cough if someone is being a bigot on their private masto account, they’re still shitty cough cough

@masklayer I agree that it’s a nice perpetual goal to work towards

2019 you should call out problematic behavior even if no one else sees you doing it tbh

(I mean like given the circumstances will make sure your gonna be safe and shit)

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