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God, why?

This week is CES. Pray for @staticsafe & @chosafine

Shades OF Brown Episode 79: 8K + AI + 5G + TOILET

I like think at this point shades of brown has become a commentary on tech news culture and no longer about actual tech news

And im ok with that

@staticsafe I cannot wait to make fun of nvidias $5000.00 4k HDR gaming TV

oh my god so much CES news and its only Sunday, pray for me and @staticsafe pls

finally took the time to get my new year account cleaning done and now im from like 204 accounts in 1password to 168

yuss delete all the old useless accounts online

Also I can now do project stream from my house which is nice

picked up a nighthawk today and besides the fact that this router looks fucking ridiculous, omg it’s been a while since I’ve had not a shit router

my boss asked me why I need the 29th/30th off from work and I was like “kingdom hearts baby” and surprisingly he understood

Between work and getting lit I’m almost never home and it’s tiring, and getting lit like is probably even more of a waste of time and space than shitposting is

It’s always “how do you shitpost” and not “chosa why do you shitpost” 😭😭😭

I see discourses nowadays and I think y’all forget why I made discourse to begin with smh

I’m gonna start a discourse soon

Watch out 👀

wild to think I've been using Wordpress for like a decade

Time to go to the gym and prepare for a podcast

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