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@staticsafe is an expert gift giver but maybe not an expert size picker, this shirt is still amazing lol

(he got me a kids large instead of adult large but I think I can make it work)


Devil may cry 4 special edition, im playing as trish and the other girl. Idk if I should have started with them

I am playing devil may cry for the first time

if fast mail wanted to sponsor me however, I got bills to pay what's good fam

this is not a sponsor but more of a "if you can what if you tried not using gmail thing" like any email service works really that isn't like google aol or yahoo

its always good to delete accounts your no longer using tbh

new year which means lets delete some accounts

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If I have learned one thing it is that excel files stay in excel

why I totally did not just stall while on the phone with a customer to download Microsoft office

2019 will I end up in a stable relationship I mean idk, I should probably start chasing that more

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